Natural Sweet Nail Colour

Sally Hansen Double Duty
Sally Hansen's Double Duty, Base & Top Coat. It has strengthening effect.

With Sally Hansen Double Duty
My nails are wide and long, lolx... Ok I tried it as my Base Coat, dry up pretty fast.
 And yes it strengthened my nails even more although I already got very hard nails. 
Always use base coat before you start painting coloured nail polish :)

Sally Hansen Insta-dri 150 Petal Pusher
Sally Hansen Insta-dri
Sally Hansen's INSTA-DRI (Fast Dry Nail Color), I bought it because of it's colour.
It is more natural compared to our skin colour and it looks a little light pink, 
so our nail colour will not look so dull. Sometimes I really like to be natural ^^

With Sally Hansen Insta-dri 150
I prefer to paint it myself than going to manicure =X lolz... Expensive right?
You can save alot money doing it by yourself. This colour is also suitable for french 
manicure, just buy the nail sticker and use it after your nails are fully dried and
paint white colour nail polish on upper top finger nail portion. For myself I don't need
the sticker =) I can paint it slowly with both my left hand to my right, and right
hand to my left.. Although my hands will vibrate lolz... If you think the colour is too
light, you can paint it twice or even thrice time, but you have to wait for it to dry.
I painted 2 times, without painting Top Coat it is already very shiny, so you can
imagine you painted Top Coat! Will be even more shiny and protected~

Is it really DRY UP FAST for this Colour Nail Polish? No... Not very fast lolz... Maybe 
just slightly faster than normal Colour Nail Polish by a little bit. 
But the Double Duty Base & Top Coat is good ^^!