Sweet Magazine (Japan) October 2010

I was at Clark Quay's Central Mall yesterday, while waiting for my friend, she asked 
me to visit a Japanese Book shop at Level 2 (#02-32) because I wanted to buy a magazine while waiting for her so long... Ok according to my receipt the book shop is Bookmart their website: bookmart-sg.com [CLOSED]  

I was browsing around the book shop, and saw this wonderful magazine, with Ayumi Hamasaki on the cover! I asked the book shop's salesgirl, she's a Japanese~ "How much does this magazine cost"? I thought $300 as seen in the price label sticker will be pretty expensive, but she told me $3! Wow so cheap... so I faster hurry to the cashier, the cashier is a guy spoke Japanese language to me... I told him "sorry I don't understand" T__T lolz... so he spoke english to me ^^ They are very kind, excellent customer service!! 

And there are quite a few young and handsome Japanese guys sitting in the book shop reading books~ So handsome and fashionable!! I was so happy getting a $3.00 Japanese Magazine even though it's october series, just a month no much differences plus Singapore's fashion and trends are so much slower... When I reached home checked their website, I think because it is 2nd hand books/magazines that's why so cheap~ and October series to them is useless~ Lolz... But great benefits! Looks exactly like NEW!
Ayumi on Front Cover!

Back Cover

Magazine's side

Magazine's thickness! I never buy such thick magazine before for $3.00!

Ayumi the Fashion Goddess! 

So cute like a doll always~~ 

Pretty + Sexy ^^

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  1. I like the fashion editorials.