Byebye to Dollilens

This was the first blog I ever created since 2010, it is something definitely to remember. We have stop selling circle lens by our country law. A Big Thank you to our customers! Thank you so much for your supports and love for us to gain such a wonderful experience in this 6 months time.

It's an awesome accomplishment for me as it was my first blogshop, I have no experience in creating and also designing a blog, slowly I created things bit by bit. It also made me gain interest in blogging and photography.

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  1. Oh babe, I wish I could help you somehow, this is just nothing but UNFAIR. You don't deserve this ._. Love ya forever <3 Keep your head held high, don't let that bring you down too much!!

  2. Hun Thanks <3
    Love ya too!
    I will send you bubble blue when I pass by Post office when I go out. :)

  3. Aw, so sorry about your shop closing down. :[ I was hoping to purchase from you one day, as Anna always has such nice things to say bout you. <3

    Best of luck in the future. :]] (Maybe you could get rid of the excess bubble wrap by selling it to another online store?...)

  4. Hello Babe <3

    Saw many of your lens reviews on youtube
    <3 them too ^^

    Haha maybe I will just use it for wrapping some free giveaways as gifts~

    But not all are lens maybe sometimes masks :X

    Bubble Wraps are pretty cheap Maybe take a photo of it someday of how much remaining.

  5. Hi Barbie,

    I know about them too =)

    Thanks <3