Cafe Mimi Cappuccino Dark Cocoa WMM-500

Cafe Mimi, GEO's newest Premium Brands, it was launched after Princess Mimi. I tried on the Cafe Mimi Cappuccino Series, Dark Cocoa in Color. This will be my new Black lens from now onwards hehe... 

From GEO's lens picture it looks like grey or something but after wearing it it looks like Black Circle Lens and got a wider version 15mm Diameter, the great thing about it is they're available in prescription! As you know I got Puffy eyes and my white area is more obvious. Haha I think the lens for normal eyes will almost cover your white area. =X

Incredibly huge... And the size of it looks so round haha I love it... My favourite GEO's XCK-105 byebye forever >_< The Cafe Mimi Cappuccino Dark Cocoa's design patterns are very nice too~

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  1. In the end, all black lenses look the same to me. I really love the pattern, but the effect is just.. plain.