Cafe Mimi Waffle WMM-505

GEO Cafe Mimi Waffle Model WMM-505
Yea, my Degree is -2.75 and -1.75
Does the design pattern looks like Waffle? =O
A grayish Waffle with Caramel Sauce? Haha~
I pasted a heart there, Dark Circles are very obvious did not use concealer to cover.
It's not very comfortable for this lens, I can say too many color tones in it.

The lens looks nicer in person than picture, haha can't blame my fringe are too long now to be bangs, and natural color black hair is coming out~ Well gonna cut my hair a bit soon and dye it darker, hair's getting dryer and dryer. :(

If I've got better hair texture, I already bleached it to Blonde... That's my Favorite color~ Maybe get a Blonde Wig, saw some pretty nice long hair wigs.

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  1. Waffle sort of resembles a type of flower instead of drinks or even food hahaha~

    I adore how you look with it on! ^^

  2. Thanks hun,

    my hair is messy :p