GEO Princess Mimi WMM-304 Chocolate

Eyes abit red right? Cos recently fell sick pretty long and until now still haven't recover. :( Both my eyes are alittle red and face very pale..
Princess Mimi Series also known as Bambi Series which Japan's AngelColor carries, it's crazily on a hit now world-wide. AngelColor's Bambi is 14.2mm diameter and GEO's Princess Mimi is 15mm diameter which is wider and larger. The exact manufacturer is by GEO. 

Ok this is the first time I try out brown color contact lens, haha... Honestly, I don't look great in brown but the designs of Princess Mimi is really awesome, plus I only brush abit Mascara and draw alittle eye liner. My eyes  as I always say are puffy eyes "like gold fish" haha... Totally look great and better with nicer eye make up and fake dolly lashes. :p Just too lazy to wear fake lashes recently, heading out soon. ^^

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