GEO Xtra Flower Lotus WFL-A15 Grey

Here's the Whole Series of GEO Xtra Flower Lotus Series, I did it when doing dollilens.

This is one of the latest new 15mm lens by GEO that carries degrees from 0 ~ 800 Degrees for Grey and Brown lens. New GEO Xtra Flower Lotus Series, I call it as GEO Lotus Series it is 1 of the GEO Xtra Flower Series. The coloring looks abit like GEO Super Nudy Grey right? The inner portion, but has a flower pattern like a Lotus. :)

It kinda surprise me, taking pictures with Lotus Grey looks not bad and it looks abit like GEO Xtra WBS-205 Grey which I wear it before previously.

Where do I buy the lens?
I bought it directly through my supplier, but after closing down my blogshop I have to get Geo lens from other blogshops or online webstores now. I still got lots of Geo lens to wear so will take quite a long time to purchase new Geo lens again.

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  1. I noticed that the lenses of ALL Flower types are very subtle, what a shame actually because with their patterns they'd be perfect to be more vibrant.

  2. Wearing it is not that obvious, I think if it's on your eyes will be more clear of the patterns hehe...

  3. I like these wow gorgeous! :)


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