GEO Xtra WT-B87 Pink

Pink!! Pink Lens!! Now our girls favorite color lens now. This is GEO Xtra WT-B87 Pink lens, 15mm diameter but Degree are only in Plano. It looks like iFairy Hanabi lens what do you think? 

The picture was taken like 1 month ago didn't realise to upload or post it actually haha because pictures were not what I expected. Oppz~  =D

Ok back to GEO Xtra WT-B8 Series, they look pretty cute.
My favorite now~ Pink lenses makes me look younger =X

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1 comment:

  1. You're absolutely right, immediately was reminded of i.Fairy Hanabi as well, but then - GEO Rose Series looks exactly like i.Fairy Rose. I love how these look on you, fantastic effect!