Why did I started Lens Pre-Order Blogshop?

I started with my cousin because we were both looking for circle lenses, they're created by the Koreans. Seen them so dolly looking in the Korean Dramas~

Our first purchase was the Dueba Luna King series, bought on Princelens.com (using POSB iBanking transfer Payment mode) & it was a very bad experience, so much drama going on...

These lenses were so uncomfortable, and I felt like my eyes were flaming badly...
I was wearing Luna King Black at that time.
Wearing GEO XCK105 here.

Tried a Local pre-order blogshop named TZCollection and it was also not a good experience. That's why we decided, since we love to wear circle lenses so much, why not we try to find suppliers and do our very own pre-order blogshop? That's how we started... 

After 6 months we have to close down Read Here Why. T_T

This post was edited in 18th July 2014. 
The exact Drama and history are already past.

Thank you for supporting, shout outs to our past customers. Love ya!
Hope you all are doing great and found your new trusted stores.

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  1. You don't have their contact?
    I can't remember their number coz changed phone.

    Try to email them again babe.

  2. If they don't reply you anymore I think you have to take serious actions.

  3. awww thanks anyway! i did a search on internet , i found her facebook, twitter and blog. its a malay girl call tisha right?

    i already tweeted/emailed her telling her if she doesnt give me a reply within 24hrs ill file for a report. shes really irresponsible! how can she be so greedy its only such a small sum of money :( wish i saw ur blog earlier!!

  4. Ya her name is tisha.

    She should email you notice of closing down.
    Hopefully you will get your lens or refund. ^^

    Haha... The post is posted yesterday.

  5. thanks for the info! i already emailed her saying i would file for a police report if i dont get refund withing 24hr, she refunded me immediately lol i guess shes a scammer after all.

  6. Nice One! At least you get back your Refund. :)
    Hehe <3

  7. At last you got any responses from princelens.com and your lenses. I am already was trying to contact them at their various mails and still no reply on my order while it has been more then a week since I paid, still nothing got shipped. -_-

  8. Princelens.com Customer Service is very bad.
    Hope you will get your items safe Dear~

  9. is the dollyeye free shipping to singapore too??

  10. Free Shipping World-wide, it is stated at their website =)