EOS Mega Light Pop-C Pink WM-202

Was busy shopping for clothes these few days and got no time to review any lens for a short while.

Dyed my hair Black boohoo T_T 
I got no choice have to dye it darker, although when the Sun shines on my hair looks like dark dark brownish red but still looks Black to me haha...

Omg Black, I hate Black hair but I got no choice~ Plus I dyed 3 times in this 1 month's time... So my hair is now super dry need to wait it to relax for awhile T_T Sobs!
I super need a very good rebonding now but my natural stubborn curl+baby hair Hair is just very bad now to take any rebonding... Feel like cutting it all short...

Ok not about hair today :p

As you seen before my Degrees are -1.75 and -2.75 it's pretty hard to order this model of lens online with degrees, but 0 degree should be alright. WM-202 is a larger version of G-202 Light Pop-C Series also known as Barbie King Sized Series. There are lots of cute names for the series too. 
Note the Model will do. :) 
WM-202 is 14.8mm Diameter, Base Curve 8.8mm.
G-202 is 14.5mm Diameter, Base Curve should be 8.8mm too because I got other G Models are all 8.8mm.

Where do I purchase the lens? 
I got it when I was organizing EOS Sprees last time. Sorry have to close down without choice so yep pretty lucky to get this special Model + Pink Color lens with my Prescriptions!

I choose English Sticker Label Rainbow for the via Bottle, from EOS Manufacturer last time, because English is more easy to understand, many sellers prefer to go for the EOS Pink Sticker Label with Japanese words for language on the label(Looks more original, well actually they are all the same, just different language stickers to represent EOS). There's a new English Label from EOS which is P-Con It's Pink in color too.

You can see the dark rings are larger and more than G-202 by a little bit. So far EOS Light Pop-C Series lens feels more comfortable than other EOS lenses I tried before. The Pink is super outstanding, it's very suitable for Cosplay. When wearing these lens they look too striking on the public, many people are so curious and I treat it like they liked it very much to look at my eyes! Lolz... 

I love outstanding and striking type of lenses, too natural effect will be boring for me. Haha...
You will definitely look better with more eye make-up and fake lashes. =p
Sorry sometimes I am not in mood to attach fake lashes on my eyes. >.<

14.8mm Diameter is nothing to me~~ Haha U know I love bigger lens <3
Haha lastly, I will definitely wear this lens to scare people hehe~ Not so serious just love some attention from strangers sometimes on the streets! <3

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  1. Well, I love your hair colour, it suits you. You have such long, silky hair, it's overwhelming!! Also, the lenses are super cool, are you still able to buy from your seller in Korea.. for yourself?

  2. Anna Hun Thx <3
    My hair is super dry now my roots T_T

    It is pretty hard to get from Korea now coz of my country strictness, Eos is also very slow when comes to ordering from them. Infuture maybe I will get Eos lens from other blog/site sellers and also you recommendation. <3

    But some Eos models are so hard to get with prescriptions, unless join blog pre-order it will take super long.

    I <3 your 0 degree eyes <3
    There are always instocks available for you on most sites and blogs hehe...

  3. <3 Babe
    The pink really Pops hehe...

  4. Oh wow-- I love your hair colour! I know what you mean about dying your hair black: I had to dye my hair black a few years ago, after I dyed some of it platinum blonde. D: I was so sad~.

    Anyway-- you look super sweet with pink lenses. <3

  5. Thanks Babe <3
    You have a nice Hair now! =D

    I wanted golder or blonder badly >_<~