KOI Everyones Drinking it + MOS

I always avoided Bubble Tea because there's lots of sugar in it and the Pearls inside has lots of carbohydrates, but once in awhile is Ok. :p

I never drank KOI before so this is my first time, haha I am not outdated lah~ I just don't feel like drinking it.

KOI Cafe is actually from Taiwan. 

They opened their first KOI Cafe Outlet in Singapore since 2007 and now they continue to expand more outlets. I remember during my younger days Bubble Tea was crazily on craze and you can find it anywhere, I think due to such sweet high sugar level drinks cause unhealthiness and slowly the craze of Bubble Tea went down.

KOI then came and they provide Choices of Sugar Level of drinking healthier version of Bubble Tea.
The Queue was like forever never ending and mostly are students, we're at KOI Cafe Clementi Outlet.

So if you all have a chance to come Singapore don't forget to try it out.
Hmm don't know what flavor to choose, queue was so long just take our time and choose~
What Sugar Level you think is suitable for you?
I choose 50% not too sweet and not too blend. My Cousin choose 25%... Wow healthy! I don't drink it everyday I only drink like less than 5 times in a Year of Bubble Tea. Will go for 70% next time, 50% of Sugar level the taste is kinda blend for me.
Her choice was Black Tea Macchiato, the funny thing is that the person ask her not to shake the Tea, you have to taste the natural taste of the Tea... Aw? We got our own likings... Shake or not shake it still taste the same we all have different tastes buds not everyone are born with Great Tasting Skills~ They don't allow to add Pearl in this Flavor? Duh... With some caffeine are not allowed to add Pearl? Which I don't like it, why drink Bubble Tea? Because of the Pearls...

Ok it still taste like Milk & Tea but smell of coffee.
I choose Hazelnut Milk Tea with Pearls of course, excuse me I can't taste any Hazelnut flavor inside Lolz...
There's only Milk Tea taste, I am kinda regret of choosing this flavor. I prefer stronger Tea drinks.
Well for the Pearls yep it's chewy but I am not sure how good is it? I don't really like it the pearls are abit small for me. Haha but why still so many queues and crowds for KOI?

Haha ok I got very strong taste buds prefer my food and whatever I eat or drink the taste are not too blend for me, if not I rather don't eat. :p
Sorry to say that I only drank half of the cup. I can't drink it anymore lolz...
One of our Favorite chilling place and when we don't have any idea what to eat we will head in to MOS Burger. MOS Burger is actually a FastFood from Japan.

Haha it looks messy right? Lolz... Ya~ But waiting is worth it after placing order from the cashier, they will go prepare the cook and after completed they will bring it to us freshly cooked, so hot and nice. Yummy.

On the left Fish Burger, inside the Fish burger there's lots of Tartar sauce.
Right the Kakiage Rice Burger, inside it's a seafood some mixture of vege fried together.
Middle Fries, Large Fries. Don't be surprise the portion is pretty small compare to other countries Fast food.
But it's just nice for us, usually guys are not full having a meal at MOS Burger.
Kakiage Rice Burger, there are like small scallops, some prawns, vege like carrots, asparagus etc. The sauce is very nice 1 of our favorite Rice Burger at MOS Burger. But is not easy to eat haha why?
Because it's a Rice Burger and the fillings are in many small pieces so when eating it becareful of dropping it.
Amazing I ate MOS Burger for so many years I didn't realize their Mineral Water was so cute!

MOS Water haha... Well everytime I came MOS Burger I will order Ice Milk Tea, it's refreshing and nice they will give you some creamer to mix in the tea. I just drank KOI Hazelnut Milk Tea so I am unable to fill in another cup of Milk Tea anymore.
CORN SOUP! My favorite Corn Soup in Singapore is actually at MOS Burger... 
I love Corn so much, it taste so Corn even there are no "Real Corns" inside haha...
Too yummy the cup is dripping the soup off... Haha...

What I Regretted?
I did not had a chance to eat MOS Burger at Japan when I went Tokyo!

Have I tried other Country's MOS Burger?
Yes, in Taiwan, Taipei 5years ago. The Fries are different and they don't have Chili Sauce hehe... Not sure after few years time now do they provide Chili Sauce?

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  1. I'm glad you continously blog from now on, your new design is so cute <3 I'm gonna link my blogger friend Qoqo on my blog list now <3

    I got heavily addicted to bubble tea a year ago, we meanwhile have four stores in Berlin and one is 5 min from home, haha, I get bubble tea like twice or three times a week, I love it so much!!

    Love ya

  2. Thanks Hun <3

    I love to bite the chewy chewy texture of the pearls~ Nice I wanna try Bubble Tea at your Country someday!

    Let me figure how to link you too hee~

    ❤With Love❤