Lady & Skin's Cell Recovery System (Eye Patch)

This product is from Korea. I bought it when I went Korea this February. 

Where did I bought it?
I bought it at a place where it's Duty-Free which our Tour Guide brought us there.

Here's a Link I found on Google the address is shown too if you don't understand chinese, use Google Chrome to Translate to English:
A+ Cosmetic Make-Up Shop

I believe many Tour Guides around the world will bring tourists to the place to shop Korean Skincare & Cosmetics Products. They don't carry all but mostly those products are used by Koreans. When we were there the salesgirl specially recommended Lady and Skin because it's the best so far, it is of course not as cheap as those common brands that you see like Etude House, TheFaceShop, TheSkinFood etc..

Tour Guide keep telling us Etude House, TheFaceShop, TheSkinFood etc, are used mostly by their Teenage Girls in Korea. Adults usually use better well-known brands, they are very concern about their skin and take lots of care even guys too. He told us that everytime there're Obasan(Aunties) from other countries ask where can I get Etude House etc, he will say those are for Teenagers. =O

Well, customers got their own preferences to choose what Brands to use right? Haha... Ok, we spent quite alot on that Duty-Free Shop end up we left 2hours shopping for Etude House, TheSkinFood and other less seen brands in Singapore on their Streets during our Last Day in Korea. It is super cheap there...
Why did I buy this? I was looking around the Tour Guide and other Tourists in our Group they were using Samples in the shop and he pasted it on mostly Guys because probably they have no Make-Up on. :)

The Duty-Free Shop most of the Sales Girls can speak chinese, some sound like China speaking chinese and some sounded like Taiwanese speaking chinese. They were of course super friendly and pushing Sales so if you don't feel like buying just ignore they are pretty pushy with very good skills in talking.

There's 1 product expensive and special, I can't remember the name of it but it's in a box and they say celebrities don't need inject Botox nowadays they apply this newly invented technology product on their face and can last longer than injection of Botox. If you believe and need it then you can try.

They always have promotion for many types of brands and products in the Duty-Free Shop, buy 5 get 1 Free. Good thing about the shop, if you run out of Korean $$(Won) you can pay them with other Currencies too, I only asked about Singapore Dollars and US Dollars, they accept both.
My Camera can't take it clear for Silvery Wordings on Products.
Front Page Mini Guide
Back Page Mini Guide
Please do not overturn the Bottle, I think the solution inside will Leak. =X
Eye Patch
Spot Patch, you can use it on your Mouth-Line or other Spots that has wrinkles.
Me without Make-Up revealed Sobs! Oh ya did you notice I just darkened my Hair Color yesterday, got no choice although I love blonde hair! =O 

For my Sensitive Skin I don't encourage to put directly on my Face I am a bit afraid of many Products that I get irritations straightaway. The texture of the Patches are cooling and jelly-like, I left it for about 30mins and I took off.

How's the effect?
I really do feel something, my eye area which I pasted the Eye Patch is firmer and lighter in color. So I guess it do helps!

Comfort Level?
It's definitely comfortable and relaxing. I will continue to use it again I got 1 more bottle... Lolz.

Where do you buy Lady and Skin Products?
I am unable to answer because I bought it in Korea, location is told on the top of the post, searching on the internet is hard too. 
Maybe if you have any trusted Pre-Order Blogshops of selling Korean Skincare Products you can try to ask them do they supply this brand as well. :)

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