q0q0's Basic French Manicure

I wanted to post this since last week, I've always wanted to share my Basic French Manicure Simple Guide for Beginners, I am also not a professional with Nails but just spend some time on doing your Nails yourself you can save a lot of money. :) 

What you also need?
A Nail Dryer, I do have but I did not use it because I have not tried it before haha.. My Best friend gave me as a gift few years ago I did not use it, I will try it soon see if it works. I actually let it naturally dry.
I thought of trying out TheFaceShop's colors and nail coating as a try out first. Compare to other brands which I use mostly are Sally Hansen and my Favourite 2in1 Base and Top Coat by SilkyGirl.

For myself I love SilkyGirl's 2in1 Base and Top Coat the price is not very expensive and I don't like Nail Polish that are too sticky. 2 Layers of it for my Top Coat can last me very long that is why many friends always ask me why my Nail Polish can last so long.

TheFaceShop Nail Base Coat.

TheFaceShop Nail Color, BR801 (Beige Color)

TheFaceShop Nail Color, WH002 (White Color)

TheFaceShop Nail Top Coat

Nature Republic Nail Design Sticker, for beginners you can try with the Nail Design Sticker first, slowly you will get used to it without the sticker when you are painting you finger nail tips. For the "V" Shape design I think there is still a need to use it. =D

Usually without Nail Dryer, I will paint Base Coat and Beige Color (I call it natural Nail Color) first for a day. Some time is needed to let the nails totally dried up before you can stick the sticker on your Nails if not you will spoil your Beige Nail Polish.

So I will always choose a super Free Day to paint all the Base Coat and Base Colors before 1 day then the next day I will continue the other designs.

After completing all the steps of painting, it is nicer to clear your nail unwanted area. Method A money can be saved and it's also an useful way. Method B if you prefer a Manicure Clean-Up Pen you can purchase any brand you like. :)

My Toe Nails I done without Nail Design Stickers because Toe Nails are huge. =X

Yay Finally done, French Manicure can be matched with all sorts of occasions, styles, seasons, clothes, shoes and of course the most wanted nail you must have for wedding. Now you feel so great to show off your Nails especially Toe Nails! :)

It gives your nails a clean and neat look plus pretty. No matter what Nails you have you can beautify it if you want to. 

What do I think of TheFaceShop Nail Polish?
I think the Nail Polish Colors are ok, kinda watery. If you paint more than 1 layer example the Beige color it does take some time to dry.

How about the Top Coat?
The Top Coat is not very good, about 1 week my nails chipped. I suggest if possible try other Top Coat will be better.

How about The Nail Sticker?
It will not give you the perfect Line you want, it is better to paint without sticker if you're used to it.
You need to gently tear it off if not it will turn super ugly and you got to re-do it again.

How much do you spend on TheFaceShop Nail Polish Manicure Set?
In Singapore, it's SG$2.90 per Bottle for this series. Including the Base Coat and Top Coat are also SG$2.90 too. There's 20% Discount now if you purchase in any FaceShop Stores in Singapore. Total it cost me only SG$14.00 including a SG$5.90 White Nail Dot Pen.
If you purchase online/blogshop pre-order should be cheaper.

Lastly, it's not the perfect Guide but hope it do helps a bit as I am not a professional manicurist~ =D

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  1. Wow, you did a pretty good job even though the items you used weren't so great. kudos to you.

  2. Thanks Babe <3
    I was also testing out heh~

  3. Wow-- I like that Beige Color nail polish. <33 I do not wear nail polish very often, but I tend to stick to neutral/nude colours when I do wear it.

    And woow- this is a great tut. Very easy to follow and fast. Not to mention neat-looking. :33

    I've never had a French manicure, but if I ever give it a try, I'll be sure to look at this post.

  4. Noxin Babe <3

    Thankiez~ Maybe you can do a Video of it =X

    Would love to view hehe... <3

  5. I love french tips but I'm not too good at it, gotta check out the stickers from Nature Republic! Have you tried Etude House's nail polishes? I think they are better than TFS!

  6. Babe <3
    I have Etude House's nail polishes with me, yep they are better than TFS :p

  7. The french manicure turned out really nice~ You have pretty hands~