q0q0's February Korea Trip 10

Today let's go Kimchi School to learn about Kimchi.

The Ingredients of Kimchi.

Mom loves to make Kimchi and her Kimchi taste better than the School. =X

Kimchi~ Say Kimchi when you smile instead of saying "Cheese"!

The Kimchi School provides Traditional Korean Costume.
My uncle wearing the Emperor's Costume, looks like he's being fortunate to have so many concubines!

I really love wearing Korean Traditional Costumes!

Mika's mommy got the "Queen" look. =X

Let's play Princess for the day. =D

Closer shot. Hee =D

Our Lunch, seriously I got no appetite with the food... Tasteless... Ham, hotdog, tofu, vege... I cook better than that lolz...

After that we went Gyeongbokgung Palace, the river was frozen as you can see and my face tells you I am going to be sick. It was really freaking cold!!! I think more than -10°C and I did not bring my other jacket... Ew remember if you go cold weather countries please bring thicker jacket to keep you comfort.

And we went to watch the Nanta Show, the show was really awesome. They used kitchen utensils to create sound and music and interacted with the audiences!

All the actors were really funny! Nanta Show is Korea's Best Performance, Nanta! Since 1997, and was the first playing in Broadway from Asia. 

In the theatre~ End of the day.

It was the next day and our last day.

I was really super sick, fever, cold and almost no more strength to walk. I don't even got strength and mood to make up anymore. I look super pale~

The Tour Guide treat me and Mika Ice cream, lolz... Probably we are the youngest there.. haha.. Come on I was sick you gave me Ice cream =( 

Ice cream selling rates during Winter in Korea are equal percentage to Summer in Korea!

Merry go round Horse~

They have this "Hot Air Balloon" up on the Theme Park Indoor, so creative and cute! 

Me and my mom were sick, so they all went Outdoor of the Theme Park, love the concept of having Indoor and Outdoor. I will be back again next time when I visit Korea I have not enjoyed properly here! =X

This looks fun! I wanna ride next time T_T

Finally there's street shopping for us... Just 1 hour OMG... After that we need to rush back to the Airport. I don't know where this place called maybe someone went Korea before or a Korean can tell me I wanna visit this place again for shopping.

Byebye Korea!

Thank you all that had enjoyed all my Korea Trips posts. =)

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  1. You did SO much stuff whilst being in Korea, haha, I'm so envious. That KimChi school is such a great idea and you look fantastic in that traditional outfit!!

  2. <3 Thanks Hun, you can visit Korea someday <3

  3. Aww- I'm so sad that this series is finished. ; _ ; I'm glad you had such a good time on your trip!

    (Hopefully, next time you will not get sick. @_@ )

    Also, I agree with Anna: you all look very regal in those traditional outfits. C:

  4. Thanks Babe <3

    Yep it is so sad I did not took more pictures of the places there and shopping locations because I got too little time to shop so totally forgotten about pictures =X

    Would love to go Korea again Hee ^^~