q0q0's February Korea Trip 2

We got to stay at Phoenix Park Resort for a day, the view was spectacular forgotten to take more pictures of the room and the view. :(

It was pretty late, outside was near Midnight from the view you can see people are clearing and making sure no one is still skiing.

This was our lunch and too much meat, they still want to give us more... +_+~ Me and Mika were non-stop grabbing Korean Seasoned Sea-weeds to eat with rice. So yummy!!

After Lunch we went straight to the Ski place, it was huge and we were told by the Tour Guide to wear Ski Attire from those rental shop, there isn't much choices. I choose not to try skiiing because by wearing the ski shoes my feet was killing badly! So painful!!

With the sun shining brightly, actually it was not that cold. The snow was on the entire ground, man-made snow.

Love the Koreans Ski Fashion there! That guy behind was so cool! Lolz

Took a shot inside the Cable Car where we were hanging ontop!

Inside the Cable Car with the Tour Guide and my uncle. The Tour Guide said don't show his picture on Facebook, but here's blogspot haha... He's a mixed, Korean dad and Taiwanese Mommy so he knows how to speak chinese but don't understand English.

Squeezing in the small Cable Car, Mika's Mommy and me self-take.

When we reach the top mountain, we saw many hunks skiing. Korean guys trained skiiing since young, so they're very pro in it. And looks so cool and awesome! This group of hunks are playing around too, male dressed Korean female Traditional clothes. The people there seems so fun and colorful!

Everyone loves my Camera Self-shot mode, with the bright sun looks so white & wrinkle-free!
Wearing GEO WBS-205 Grey. I only have 3 Pair of lenses with me :(
Next time I will bring more!

This dish looks so Vegetarian if you take off the meat, looks very blend but taste great! Our Dinner, even the last mouth spoonful of soup in the pot we were craving for it haha...

Look alike? That's my Mommy.

Too bad, even with some shots I will not remember where is this place & what's its name~

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  1. I've never been skiing before even though I live in a country that's FAMOUS for skiing XD I'm more of a water sports person!!

  2. Haha Hun <3

    I had a hard time fitting the Ski Shoes, so painful and I gave up trying >_<~

    Water Sports Woo XD