q0q0's February Korea Trip 3

Very soon we got to visit Nami Island, it was a very popular place for couples and tourists. The place was a hit after a Korean Drama Title, Winter Sonata, a Romance Drama starring Bae Yong Joon and Choi Ji-woo at year 2002. The scenery was so beautiful makes you don't feel like going home and wanna stay here longer. "It will be so loving if your partner can be with you now".

Need to travel through the ferry first before we reach Nami Island.

It was very cold, as we are already mentally prepared, I took a picture of them walking ahead of me. Everyone was covering their hoods, super cold! Look at the ground, real snow dried unto the ground.

While walking, we saw Singapore's Merlion.

Look at the trees, if you watched Winter Sonata Korean Drama you will remember this scenery.

Me and Mika's will pose whenever we see a Tree, the Bollywood style. =)

Our Mommies wanted us to ride like kids. =X

It was really super cold, you can see hand warmers on my gloves and my gloves were men's size, I needed black gloves to match me so just nvm~ Lolz

Okay the most important thing! Look at the background behind me, it was so awesome the river was also frozen.

The couple mini snowman was everywhere, it's also remembered from Winter Sonata.

Here's the 4 main actors in the Drama, the most left guy named, Park Yong-ha. He acted in another pretty popular Korean Drama too "On-Air". He's also a singer, his voice sounded sentimental type which I liked. Sadly, he committed suicide last year 2010.

We got no partner so just us~ :p

Byebye Nami Island. Mika's Mommy and me. :)

Our Tour Guide infront, rushing us take picture after Lunch. But after Lunch we got no chance to take, the house was so cute like a log House made of tree logs. The wooden stairs was a bit old and seems unsteady~

This tasted so yummy, the meat in the hot plate were chicken.

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  1. Wish I could go to Korea! Looks like you had a lot of fun :P I've never seen Winter Sonata, though. Heard about it!

  2. I did watch Winter Sonata but I can't remember a thing, yet alone scenes from that series haha *fail*

    Great pics, am looking forward to Part 4!

  3. wow i really want to go to korea one day and you look so cute! love the pictures.
    i will follow your blog ;)


  4. @The: Next time you can go =) I wanna go Korea again >_< Maybe Next Year.

    @Blair: haha Babe, I also don't remember anything but after you go there you will automatically remember many things from Winter Sonata hehe... <3

    @Mai: Thankiez, I want go again too~ I will follow you too ^^.