q0q0's February Korea Trip 4

Notice that we are all still wearing the same outfit, after Nami Island we need to catch a flight to Jeju Island. :)

A quick Snap Shot while travelling to the Airport.

I should had taken snap shots of where I went and which hotel I stayed. :(
Next Time I will definitely remember to take more pictures when I travel~

Still young~ :)

There's still time take few more Pics. =D

Same Doll Necklaces, sometimes Mika and me love to have same things. :)

Here's one of the famous spots in Korea, Jeju Island. It is well-known for tourists it is called Yongdaum Rock-Dragon Head. There's the rock looks like Dragon shape. And Yea, the first place we went after arriving at Jeju Island.

It was turning evening soon, so the sky is slowly turning darker.

Jeju Island was not as cold as Seoul but we were near the sea, the wind was blowing. Mika and me were freezing, "we're shivering"~ 

Why Mika and her Mommy are both touching the Statue?
Because the Jeju Statues were known as a lucky symbol, if you do believe it. 

It was told that if you touch the Stone's ears you will live long life. As for the tummy, touch it for a Baby Boy!! And the nose is for fortune. 

Mika and her Mommy touched face, haha nobody say what's face for so they supposed it was for smoother skin and for their next generations too. Haha...

We are heading off and saw this cute shop.

Dinner time, I don't know where's this place it's really hard to remember if you do not take a photo of the places where you visited or went. The rice here was so good that my mommy ate mine haha, the simple salad there taste real awesome. 

The vege itself was so sweet, should I called it cabbage? The salad sauce was also yummy I feel like eating apple and pear hehe...

Actually the main dish was the sliced pork, it was one of their well-known must have Black Hair Pork! At first I thought it was black pig but it's just that they got black hair, in chinese is called as "黑毛猪" told by the Tour Guide. It tasted totally like a normal pork, I love to eat pork skin, why? Haha, it's collagen! Good for skin and your knees.

Okay I think some countries think that fish served with the eyes are not good. The red small side dish, is actually Sashimi, the seasoning marinate was pretty nice.

What Sashimi is it? 
I think Squid.

This was the yummiest egg, reminded me of our mom's cooking, Steam Egg! But this is far more delicious, the cooking method on the stone bowl was so Smooth and Eggy! I can eat this without any rice Yum Yum~

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  1. Beatiful pictures! It's so much fun to look at them! :)

  2. woah i'm jealous! these pictures are really great! :)

  3. Thanks Babes :) I hope to have more fun next time when I visit Korea again. Next time I want to take pictures with strangers if they willing >_<~