q0q0's February Korea Trip 5

Today we were told by the Tour Guide to wake up super early! When we reach an eating place the sun have not even risen up.

The purpose of waking so early was to have Korean's Abalone Porridge, here's the side dishes.

While waiting for the Abalone Porridge to be ready, we took some pics first. :)

There's also bread and egg to eat with the Abalone Porridge. Look behind the clock was only near 7.10am =X

There are also other Singaporeans joined the same tour with us since day 1, so we were all together for the whole 8 Days. Those 2 guys were pretty good-looking and gentleman too, they look like cousins, but we did not talk to them because they probably think that Mika and I were younger than them, actually not true, I am 26yrs old. But the people there thought we were students and mama's girls. :p

Finally the Abalone Porridge arrived! We were told to search for Abalone inside the Porridge, it was only Abalone bits lolz... The Breakfast was not filling enough and Porridge digest easily.

The main spot was not here, but the Tour Guide brought us to a pretty farm to take quick pictures. The sun just rise and it was really beautiful with the flowers.

This red rose heart was so pretty, in the middle of the farm. A quick snap for Mika as others was also waiting turns to take a picture on the Rose Heart. I did not managed to climb up, Mika was smaller size and can be carried up. :) 
I'm 165cm! Need a strong guy to help me up haha...

Hotties walking on the path it was the moment with such beautiful scenery and the wind blowing~

We were actually heading to Seongsan Sunrise Peak, it's also a must go place for tourists to be and take pictures. It was also freaking cold on the hill, my face was freezing as the cold wind blow!

We are so colorful everyday, but Korean street winter fashion mostly are dark colors. We wanted to be colorful for memory pictures when we travel!

Mika's Mommy having great time! Pic Shot by my Mom.

My Mommy, pic shot by Mika's Mom. They both are having great time taking pictures!

It was also a great moment with such nice scenery! Jump in the grass to take pictures! Do-Re-Mi! It is great to take pictures with different color coats! :) 

We don't like to wear the same coats everyday, but seriously I was able to bring 3 coats my luggage was already 18.9kg and we were not allowed to exceed 20kg. 

Looking down from there was really awesome.

We're done now going down. :)

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  1. Your outfit is sooo cute, I actually can't believe it can be that cold in SK D:

  2. Holy crap: that's so cold! @_@ Luckily, you guys seem to have been all bundled up and warm. Your earmuffs are so cute!

    And ahh- your mum is so adorable~! All of you with your bright jackets. <3 Haha.

    P.S. You all look so alert and well-made up at 7 AM. I would have looked like a zombie so early in the morning.

    P.P.S. You're 165 cm?! I am so jealous. xD I'm only 156 cm.~

  3. @Linh: Thanks Babe, the Pink coat can tolerate max -14°C I think. :X

    @Anna: Hun, haha thanks it was really so cold everybody need to wrap like a pumpkin. :X But I salute the Korean girls there, they can still only wear thin transparent stockings with mini skirts and shorts! Probably get used to the temperature. <3

  4. @Noxin: Babe <3 Hee, the earmuffs are brought on some china site but can't remember where it was also pretty cheap. :D

    Those bright jackets really looks like traffic light :X Green Red Amber~

    We really didn't realized we can be so alert so early in the morning, usually I'm like a zombie haha...

    I'm jealous too, I would love to be shorter~ <3