q0q0's February Korea Trip 7

After the Submarine at Jeju Island, the Tour guide brought us to a Horse Farm to experience horse riding.

Me and my mom were not that interested, so we stay on and take some pictures for them.

They climbed up the horse.

Now Prepare to set off~

The horse rider, taught them how to ride and then used his horse to chase their horses so it looked like horse racing. :) 

Some of our Group Tour Members especially guys were really good at racing! It was their first time.

Snap while they are riding~

Done with racing, time to come down.

Farewell to the Horses~

Next stop Teddy Bear Museum!

Yay, reached Jeju Island's Teddy Bear Museum. Another Korean popular Drama, Gong(Princess Hours). There's always Teddy Bears in the Drama.

Most pictures at the Teddy Bear Museum are us, because we enjoyed all the bears.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs <3 

Superman Bear <3

Elvis Presley!

Marilyn Monroe <3  Beatles was behind. 

Disney Land!

Passing the crown.

Qin Dynasty.

Test the West.

Hong Kong handed back to China.

Princess Diana.

So many Bears! Mika's pointing at those bears~

Here's the Goong(Princess Hours) Wedding with the Prince.

Some Bear pictures from the Goong(Princess Hours) Korean Drama.

So colorful. =D

Hee so cute! The Retro car, sweet~ =D

My boyfriend in Korea. Joking~ =X

Mika roasting a boar! Love the outside of the Teddy Bear Museum there's music and feels like strolling in a dream park. We should came out earlier, time was limited so we took some pictures only. Tata~

Byebye Teddy Bear Museum. 

Opposite of the Teddy Bear Museum.

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  1. Did you manage to do any shopping? Ahh, I've heard of the Teddy Bear Museum!!! So adorable <3

  2. Haha Hun, shopping was too short =(

    The last day I fell sick, there's a chance to shop over night at the city area but I was unable to go. Next time, I must go again and that time will be all shopping. T_T

  3. aaaw all the bears are so cute! ♥

  4. Hee ღ Must visit if you go Korea next time =)