q0q0's February Korea Trip 8

It was a day full of places to visit! After Teddy Bear Museum, now the Glass Castle. This place was really spectacular, colorful and beautiful. I feel that this is the most beautiful places for photo taking in Korea.
Once we entered the Glass Crystal Museum, there's this Giant Bean Stalk made of Glass.

Mika taking picture in Mirror room, looks super 3D.

This was so fun, our mommies think that it was so magical!

We wanted our uncle and auntie to pose the Cute Heart pose that Koreans love to pose, Aw so sweet and loving! <3

Cinderella and her Prince. =X

A Glass Castle version of Cinderella's carriage~ =D

All made of glass, so pretty and the color suit their coats. =D

Here's the most pretty heart to take picture! <3 <3

The flowers on the ground are also all made of glass. Love the blue ones more. =D

Haha, there are many hearts there so naturally everyone was having the Korean Heart Pose including me. =X

Hee pretty =)

The sky soon turning dark, time to go~ The glasses sparkles =)

Byebye Glass Castle. <3

Mika looks very hungry actually the food was not very nice and cold, we stopped somewhere to see I am not sure how to explain, there's a road path, the Tour Guide said the road is flat but once any vehicle pass by the road, slowly feels like a slope. 
Do you understand? Me don't. =X
He asked us get down and take a look. I see nothing of the slope... so weird~

Our Dinner again haha... except the prawns, others are all sashimi, you can choose to eat it raw or throw in the pot to cook. The Abalones are still moving.... How would I dare to eat it life T_T

Mika asking her mom to act Obasan. =D It was really funny to us because Mika's mom was very gentle type... Haha with this pose is like so impossible.

One of our Tour Group Uncle volunteered to eat the life gross octopus T_T 
That was kinda cruel... By cutting it life!!! For some people they just love eating life seafood or meat "Fresh".

"Unknown Tour Group Uncle next time if you see your picture here I must let you know first, I posted it out because of your braveness". 

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  1. Aww- that poor squid! ; _ ;

    And wow: that entire Glass Crystal Museum was awesome. o: I especially like the beanstalk, though. <33 So pretty~~.

  2. Ya Babe, poor Squid >_<

    The Beanstalk hehe... very pretty <3

  3. omg, the glass castle!!! so amazing, even flowers are made from glass o.O the time taken to arrange them and I'm sure they broke some too! *hats off to them*

  4. Haha... Babe~

    I never ask them but I think there must be some "broken". =X