q0q0's February Korea Trip 9

Our last meal in Jeju Island, Breakfast Buffet at our Hotel. There was also pumpkin porridge it was quite tasty. =D

I cropped this picture before when I was wearing GEO WBS-205 Grey. While waiting for Breakfast we took a fast snap at the hotel lobby early in the morning.

Ready to set off at Jeju Island's Airport back to Seoul.

The tree decorations was very pretty, we arrived at Everland!

The Lion was surrounded by many females. =P

The bears were really cute, they are huge and good at standing upright like a human. =D

Get going~

Then have to fill up our stomach first before continue walking in Everland. The Spicy seafood soup ramen was really spicy... The rice looks like Japanese Curry Sauce, but tasted sweet and sour not curry hehe...

Before enjoying more in Everland, the must thing is to buy a cute hat! =D

Mika pulling me away from taking photos~ She said, "Let's go the other side". =D

She wanted us to enjoy the viking! Arh...... We both are screaming, for fun not really scary... Haha... Create more atmosphere. =D

If you notice, we are wearing same coat from New Look, but different color. =p

We wanted to sit on the Ferris wheel, it was not opened! =(

Time was limited even we all have the all day ticket on our wrist. Speed up our footsteps and walk, some rides are not opened maybe not weekend?

Last ride on a Tutu Train! This train was small and kids love it. =p

While we go around by the Tutu Train, the middle Christmas Trees are awesome!

Where's her Headband? =O

We went in and it was not scary~

Aw that was scary for me.. 

Before going back.

Bye Bye EverLand, I will come back again definitely if I visit Korea next time.
I must say the staffs there were all very friendly, they welcome you by waving both of their hands, and we waved back towards them. =)

Dinner time Cheers, we were told to mix the alcohol drink in our Ginseng Chicken Soup. 

Here comes the Ginseng Chicken Soup, a small Abalone was in it too.

After eating this, my face turned very red. The Ginseng was really heaty!! 

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  1. cuuuuuute pictures! love them ♥

  2. Respijt cute pictures again! ^^ evrything looks like so much fun! And the food real yummy :D i've tagged you! :]  please check it out ^^: http://ladidalita.blogspot.com/2011/06/yeey-i-got-award-from-jennifer-how-nice.html#comments

  3. @Linh: Hee Thankz Linh <3

    @Lita: Thank you so much Lita for tagging <3

    I've linked both of you on blog friends ^^