q0q0's Quick Shopping Nearby

Only about 1 week more I will be going to KL, Malaysia for my Church's Camp. We're staying in a Resort for about 5-6 days. So I need casual clothings! Yay... Exciting shouldn't it be? :O

I went nearby my house to have a quick browse, there's nothing much and now is GSS.

What's GSS?
Great Singapore Sales!~
It's held every year in Singapore begins around end-of-May to July.

There's nothing much at Lot 1 Shopping Mall, so what do we usually shop here? Haha yea...
CottonOn~~ CottonOn is everywhere in Singapore, suitable for youngsters and people who goes for casual look. The quality is not very good but you can see everyones shopping at CottonOn!

Great Singapore Sales now, you can see Posters everywhere when you shop.

A quick take by iPhone after making payment.

Look at the shoes, too cheap and fell on to the ground?

Now I see Etude House everywhere in Singapore too.

A quick buy at Bossini, it's actually a jeans material black jeans shorts, not that I love black haha, because I think black looks slimmer than wearing brighter/lighter colors! I am not that slim to wear those, this suits me because my bum is not small, aw... 

The 3 are Panties, they are very comfortable when I stretch them I can feel it, bought at BHG a Department Store.  =O

These shoes are familiar right? From the Messy Shoe Craze picture ontop from CottonOn, they are really cheap 2 Pairs are only SG$30.
My shoe size are BIG right? Haha hard to find pretty & cute shoes with Big foot size! Sobz...

I just darkened my hair like few days ago but my mommy say still not dark enough... So I went Watsons to buy these 2 darker hair dye again. I need 2 because my hair is pretty long and thick, but Ouch going to dye again soon my hair will be super damaged.

So these are my quick shopping spree nearby my house. =D
It is never enough for us to shop~ Need more before we go KL~

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  1. What cute purchases! I need to buy new shoes as well =D

  2. I loved Kuala Lumpur, have you been there before :) I was so impressed with how two-faced the city is, as there are a lot of Muslims, yet so many non-religious Asians, somehow reminded me of Fukuoka.

  3. Thankz Blair Babe ^^
    So many cheap cute stuffs here in Singapore now =D

    GSS <3 Great Singapore Sales

  4. Hun <3
    I've been there before but did not went there for shopping >_<

    It's always staying in hotel, my dad used to go for work meeting there and me and my Mommy + Brother are stucked in Hyatt Hotel for few days.

    I think this time I do not have the chance to shop there too sobz, going for church camp only :X

    Ya lots of Muslims too.

    Someday I really wanna go KL for shopping and food with friends weeee but duno when who's willing to go with me haha...

  5. hi there! its me again >_< sorry to ask you about thedollyeye.com i saw you went there and purchased so i went to that website and purchase lens as well. do they provide tracking number? after i made payment, a receipt was sent to me but no tracking number.. thanks again!

  6. Hello Jolin Babe,

    They do not provide Tracking Number but they really send by Malaysia International Registered Mail don't worry they won't cheat. :)

    I was curious about it too at first but when I tried to email them about the Tracking Number my doorbell rang hehe...

    From Malaysia to Singapore International Registered Mail should be 7days most 10days because our countries are so close.

    I noticed quite a lot online store website shopping don't give Tracking Number for their Service even Newlook from UK too.

  7. There is actually Tracking Number but they did not give it after they post.

  8. ohhhh okay thanks! hehe looking forward to receiving my lens ^0^

  9. Haha yea hopefully you will receive soon <3

  10. Great blog, happy to follow here now !

  11. Thanks Tanya Babe <3
    Love your blog too & happy to follow u ^^