EOS Bubble Violet WM-101

It was my 2nd time trying out violet lens, I intend to try out "thedollyeye" as they are having discounts plus FREE Shipping World-Wide! I wonder will the Promotion continue I bought the lens from them on 21st May 2011, they are based at Malaysia and took about 10 days to arrive me with International Registered Mail.

Their Via Bottle Sticker Label are really cute, they customized their sticker Label from EOS, the Manufacturer.

Manufacturer: EOS
Model: WM-101
Color: Violet
Diameter: 14.8mm
BC: 8.8mm

The violet are really violet! I love Creepy Lens! Hehe... 
I just watched Noxin's review & youtube Video today. <3
<3 Love it totally <3

It looks creepy, but when I wear out it's not very creepy, it looks like a normal violet lens.

But personally I admire the Bubble like look on the eyes, looks like a "Doll". If you play Maplestory before You will know what I mean hehe~ Maybe I should post a picture of a past Character of mine.

I purposely bought the eyes with cash, I like the Bubble look haha... Many Players out there likes to call me Alien or Ghost. ~_~ But I don't think my character looks like an Alien. To me they are just boring to have a look which everybody has. =D

I bought the Blue flower Hair Pin for so long didn't know when to use it.

Ok, about the lens it is pretty comfortable! I don't mind getting Pink and Blue to creep people out =D

Where to Buy?
I bought it for only US15 a Pair from "TheDollyEye", FREE Shipping World-Wide!

But "thedollyeye" seems not replying any emails at all and even though the items are posted by Registered Mail they don't provide tracking number. I can only see the Tracking Number when I receive the parcel. They process items you order from their website.

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  1. Oh my I LOVE the bubbly look ♥♥♥ I should test DollyEye, too~!

  2. Noxin reviewed the same and they look as stunning on you as on her, the Bubble Series only suit brown eyes T_T They look awful with any other colour, I could never wear these. And even though they're so fake, they're just incredibly beautiful on you.

  3. @Mutsumi: Hee Babe <3 I love the Bubbly look too ^^ You can try out with Dollyeye anytime <3

    @Anna: Hunnie Thank you so much =)
    I think the blue will go well with your eyes <3
    I am really looking forward for you to review, and your stunning make ups! <3 <3 it so much ^^

    And to me you look really pretty with any lens Hee and I love to see <3

    I've watched Noxin's video and her review haha super awesome! And really bubbly + beautiful <3

  4. it doesn't look creepy at all! in contraray, I think it looks really pretty on you! and i love the clip. very aloha~ but i can't stop looking at the pictures, beautiful! I like the fact that it stands out on dark brown eyes :)

  5. dnsjntyewrmtcelcg. WOW-- they really look perfect on you. o: Not even creepy at all. <33

    I think violet looks wonderful on you~. It's definitely a lens colour you wear well.

    And that flower hair pin is cute! I never know when to use decorated hair pins, myself. xD

  6. Wow I like these :) Very cute


  7. @Cinnabunnie: Aloha Babe <3 Thankies!

    I Love all the flowery and ribbon clips hehe...

    Maybe in photos they look ok but my friend see me wearing the Bubble lens in person she says seems nothing, she probably prefer outer black ring circle lens. =X

    @Noxin: Ello Babe <3 Thank you Babe!
    I am also viewing at your Bubble Violet review love them on you!

    Super love your videos hehe!

    Maybe you can use decorated hair pins on your new videos =D~

    @Ashley: Thanks Hun =)

  8. You look so gorgeous with these lenses :O
    They really suit you! ^^
    Also~ the promotion is still goig.. haha just looked at their website ^_^ they have some really good deals~

  9. @Jen: Thank you Babe <3
    Hope their promotion will keep going hehe~

  10. wow this looks great! i love the color! :) & it looks very pretty on you :)

    I tagged you for one award, you can decide which one you want to have ;)


    Loooooove, Mai Linh

  11. i thought this lens will be creepier than they're :3 they look pretty good on you!

  12. I'll keep away from that site.
    Too bad they have bad customer service.