GEO Xtra Flower Morning Glory WFL-A34 Brown

Been quite a long time I have not review any lens! Today I will be reviewing GEO Xtra Flower Morning Glory WFL-A34 Brown.

Manufacturer: GEO
Model: WFL-A34
Color: Brown
Diameter: 15mm
BC: 8.7mm

To me it looks like GEO Super Angel Series, but more pattern designs.

If you flip the correct side, the pattern designs looks pretty.

Allow my nerves they're quite obvious, I get it easily even without wearing any lenses. Talk about the texture of this series, it is actually pretty soft. After wearing, I feel that it is more comfortable than GEO Xtra Flower Lotus WFL-A15 Grey.

It looks much huge than GEO Super Angel Series.

Personally I still like GEO Super Nudy Grey, love it all times.

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  1. This close-up picture is incredibly beautiful, also I love your 'cool gal' pose with the hoodie :> They look so good on you!!

  2. <3 Thanks Hunnie <3

    So much to learn from your all time powerful photography skills! =)

  3. wow those look gorgeous on you. :)


  4. Do you prefer the Morning Glory series or Mimi Cafe?

  5. Hmm Babe <3

    I think I prefer Morning Glory Series than Mimi Cafe for comfort level.

    The pattern I have not try Mimi Cafe any brown color lens yet. =D