Pu Tien Restaurant

We decided to go Jurong Point's "Pu Tien" to have Lunch for Mika's Mommy Birthday. Special Treats by Mika and Mika's Brother, Yang.

I like their wall decorations. =)

I just love pretty lamps, they add extra touch for their interior design.

Before ordering, snap!

Looking at the Menu. The Menu was nice too many choices what to order, we prefer A la carte than Fixed Set. Usually, most Chinese Restaurants, waiters/waitresses are able to recommend which dishes are popular and nice. Pu Tien's waitress probably over-confident, then she said all are nice. Duh... So how do customers decide what to order?

I picked out a few Menu Pics. =)

So while waiting for the dishes to come, let's Snap again!
Yang, today he is the Batman!!!

Here comes the dishes.

Spinach with Salted Egg & Century Egg in Supreme Stock.
I am not a Vege fan but it tasted not bad, because of the salted Egg that enhance the taste of the Spinach together with the Supreme Stock. The Century Egg I think not everyone can take it because I know some people are afraid of the smell and taste.

I am not a Vege lover and I rather have no century egg in it... =X

Homemade Beancurd.

It looks very normal just like any other Chinese Restaurants and Chinese Hawker/Coffee Shop's "Zhi Char". Zhi Char in Mandarin is 煮炒, meaning "Cook & Fry (in a wok)".

Simple yet delicious, the Beancurds were very soft and smooth. The sauce where tasty too.

Stir-fried Yam.

This was really Yummy! You can taste some sweetness from the outer skin because there's a nice sweet glaze coating. Most yummy dish for me of the day. =D

Seriously, there's only 1 guy with us which was Yang. We females have smaller appetite. =X

Claypot Sea Cucumber with Chestnut.

Hmm... I prefer Sea Cucumber to stew longer, longer cooking will soften it more.

Ok the Pu Tien's Sea Cucumber was too "Q" for me, too chewy. I cannot accept. The pork in there were too Big in pieces and the sauce seriously too salty for me.

But overall for all the dishes Pu Tien is counted as more Lighter Taste which suits many people.

I am not saying they are not good, just you know everybody got different taste.

Deep Fried Chicken with Garlic.

This is simple and nice. :)

Steamed Prawn with Minced Garlic.

Wow this was the most pretty Dish. <3

The prawns were very fresh but 1 bad thing, please take off the Prawn's poops I can see each Prawn's body has 1 Black String. =(

Taste it's simple and nice, able to taste the freshness of the prawns, goes well with the Garlic Sauce. 

After Lunch let's take turns Snap with our Birthday Girl. =)
Sisters <3

Happy Birthday! To Mika's Mommy.

Did you notice, yep that's our Grandma, Mika's Mommy's Mom. =p

Yang settling the Bill, "I go Pay"!

The Bill. =X

Thank you for Treating <3

Final Overall Pu Tien will be 7.5/10 Ratings for me.

Will I go back again?
Yes I will definitely visit again for the Stir-fried Yam!
But please improve your Customer Service... It's not up to standard for Pu Tien.
First, does not know how to recommend dishes. Second, the waitress told us to order desserts after our meal but then when we order she said the desserts were "Out-of-Stock"...

I personally don't know is it real or not, because alot desserts can be kept in the fridge and mostly are all ready prepared in many Restaurants. I think is a sign of lazy, 
why I said so?
Because we ordered 3 different kinds of desserts the waitress said "Out-of-Stock", then you rather don't ask us to order any Desserts.

Mika's favorite Color BLUE! =)

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  1. Why is everything in SG just so... beautiful and flawless, especially the restaurants.

  2. Arr Hunnie, u must come back to SG again! <3

  3. Geez-- Anna's right: all these restaurants have such airy, pretty design. @_@ <3

    In particular, I like how light and bright Pu Tien is.

    The dishes generally seem to taste great, with a few exceptions. (That bean curd looks so goood!.) The prawn dish really DID look gorgeous. o: It's too bad they left in the prawn's guts. :/

    P.S. Aww, Mika and her mom and grandmom all look alike~. Three generations of pretty women. :]

  4. Haha... Babe =)

    They left in guts inside >_<

    Do I look alike too? same produced grandma lolz =X

  5. omgsh this looks AMAZINGLY delicoious!! I LOVE chinese or well asian food and ahh Im hunry now!! Btw I reall like your header!!

    -Letters tO VoguE-


  6. Yuuum, they certainly look delicious, a shame that some of them don't taste that good. And ughhhh, they should have cleaned that prawn better!!!! Poop is never appetizing hahaha

  7. Nom looks delicious :)

    Follow you now! REally like ur Blog :)

  8. @Luisa: Thanks Dear :) Hee I am hungry too <3

    @Blair: Hun haha Yea Poop is never appetizing! Haha....

    @Shia: Hee Babe yummy, Thankz. :)