[CLOSED]q0q0's 1st Mini Giveaway July'11

This will be My very First Mini Giveaway on this July 2011.
I am still very new to the blogging world, Thank you so much for those who read about
my blog before. If you don't know me is alright, start knowing me. =)

Also I would like to Thank all my blog friends that have left me comments everytime,
your every comments always encourages me to share more of my stuffs to you all!
Love you all so much, I really appreciated it greatly and hope this will be a great opportunity for me to share some gifts.

Before start blogging I was actually organizing Pre-Orders for GEO and EOS Lens.

What are the Prizes?
EOS Lens and Masks. There will be 3 winners.

1st Prize will be 1 Pair of EOS Lens & 1 Free Lens Case.

Item Description
Manufacturer: EOS
Model: G-204
Diameter: 14.5mm
B.C: 8.8mm
Power: 0 Degree
Exp Date: 20140501
Lens Type: Yearly Lens
FYI: Once opened, please dispose after 2-3mths for hygiene purpose.

Picture Effect of wearing EOS Dark Pop-C G204 Violet.

2nd & 3rd Prize will have 5 Dermal Essence Masks FREE!
Flavors Type
Dermal Collagen Essence Mask
Dermal Aloe Collagen Essence Mask
Dermal Apricot Collagen Essence Mask
Dermal Lemon Collagen Essence Mask
Dermal White Collagen Essence Mask

Dermal Essence Mask is from Korea, recently I can see it everywhere. =D But these were specially sent to me freshly from Korea around April 2011 and the Exp Date is 3 years.

How to Join q0q0's 1st Mini Giveaway July'11?
-It's very simple just Follow my blog will do ^^
-Remember to Comment under this post your Blog follower Nickname
-your Email for me to contact u if you won! (Please give the correct Email)

When does this Giveaway Ends?
31st July 2011, and I will announce the winners the next day.

How do I receive if I Won?
I will contact the winners through Email and by then will ask for your delivery information, I will post to the winners by International Registered Mail.


  1. Congratulations on your first giveaway! Enter me, please! Thank you! :)

    Name/GFC: Rachel Villanueva
    Email: rachelvillanueva@hotmail.com

  2. Oh, your first Giveaway! COngrats ♥
    Following your blog now ♥

    Name: Catrin
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  3. I'd like to join your first giveaway! :) ♥

    Name: Linh
    Email: mailinh.nguyen@yahoo.de

  4. Hi QoQo :) Great job with your new blog! It is really unfortunate about the blog store because although i never ordered (i dont order stuff online), Ive heard many great things about it and i loved anna's and your reviews. But this is an awesome start as well~ I love to read about ur korea trip because i've always dreamed about going there ^^ thank you for sharing your lovely experiences! I can't wait for your future posts, liang lui ;)

    Name: CinnaBunnie
    Email: cinnabunniee (at) ymail (dot) com

  5. Wao great giveaway!

    Name: Raika
    Email: tyki-mikk@hotmail.es

  6. Wow great giveaway! Those lenses are gorgoeus I want them so much. :)

    Name: Ashley Tiernan
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  7. Amazing giveaway!! My google name=litaa & email=litas93@hotmail.com ^^

  8. Name: Noxin **real name: Chantal**
    Email: noxinae@gmail.com
    -- - --

    I will have to make a post about giveaways on my blog soon. o: I will definitely mention this one. :D

  9. Congrats on your first bloggy giveaway!
    I am a GFC follower

    katch05 at gmail dot com

  10. following~!! :)

    Name: ally1on
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  11. Aww congrats on your first give away<33
    i will certainly join youu :D

    GFC: xjenniifer
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  12. Wow thanks for the cute giveaway! I'm a new follower :)

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  13. Thanks so much! I am a new follower, Janinay! :D

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  14. Thanks for this!
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  15. Such a cutie giveaway and cute prizes!
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  16. :O just found your blog today!!! I am still new to blogging as well haha Let's support one another!

    Visit me ^^ tht-christina.blogspot.com

    GFC: THT Christina
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    Thanks for this giveaway, and congrats as well <3

  17. ~Closed~
    Thank you all that have joined my 1st Giveaways. ^^

    I will announce the winners tonight. :)