Ayam Penyet Ria @ Jurong Point

Today I am gonna introduce you all an Authentic Indonesian Restaurant in Singapore.
It is called Ayam Penyet Ria, they are famous for their fried food.

This branch is located at Jurong Point. The bird cages on the ceiling looks cool, it is a small restaurant and as you can see lots of people queuing up, hmm... Probably dinner time or weekend. 

If you like Malay or Indonesian food, don't hesitate to try if you stop by. :)

The style of ordering here, order & pay first.

These are gorgeous. A decoration outside the restaurant.

The Stingray looks super yummy, but only certain period.

Emi is ordering for us. The prices are pretty reasonable and without service charge. :)

Here comes my Blueberry drink, I guess the blueberry flavor is at the bottom of the drink, and the juice was actually Lime Juice. Not a blueberry drink for me lolz... 

Me and Emi ordered Smashed Beef Steak. If you like very dry meat you may like it. Taste quite hard and dry to me. Ling ordered Boneless Chicken, I will order the boneless chicken next time. =) 

All food looks almost the same, deep fried brown in color and their specialty was their Fried Crisps Crumbs.

Lastly the most super great part wass their Chili Sauce!! Omg... Super Freaking Spicy!! I got to say I can't take the spiciness of the chili sauce.... Arhh I was going to cry only tasted 2 dips!

I think it's normal for those who are able to eat spicy food, Emi & Ling can't even talk when eating the chilli sauce. =X  But they love the "Shiokness" of it lolz...

I will come back again because of the super reasonable price and the portion was great. With such cool ambiance fast serving except.

Nothing much to say bad about it. :)

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  1. I would think that the food is fantastic due to the long queue! OMG, I looooooove the crispy crumbs, I always polish them off even though they are super unhealthy haha xD Do they serve bakso?

  2. Haha Hun yep my friends love the crispy crumbs they finished mine too =)

    What are bakso? Hehe...

    Here is their menu :)

  3. Oh I saw in the menu bakso are meatballs? =D

    Woo I would like to try that next time I love Bakso!~ ^^~

  4. I'm so craving for the blueberry drink now, I never find anything like that here, it must be DELICIOUS and refreshing ;_; Also, I like paying in advance better, makes you kinda calm down.

  5. That drink looks soo cool xD i love the color ;D
    i bet it tasted delicious as well * ^*
    and yum the food looks good too ;o

  6. All the food looks yummy!! nom nom~

  7. Ah, sounds like a pleasant restaurant. (Even if the Smashed Beef Steak was really dry...)

    I think reasonable price is a big part of a restaurant experience. (Perhaps I am too thrifty. >.>' ) But yeah, for a good size portion, and a good atmosphere, this place sounds great! (It also looks great-- those bird cages are awesome.)

    That blueberry drink looks pretty yummy, too. <33 I'm sure it would be very refreshing after some spicy chilli sauce. xD

  8. @Anna: Hun yep I agree paying advance first feels much better hehe. The Blueberry drink so refreshing <3

    I did calmed down alot after the spicy chilli sauce. =)

    @Jennifer: Babe the drink is really pretty love drinks in blue color hehe... <3

    @PopBlush: Yum Yum but spicy <3

    @Noxin: Hun the beef steak is really dry but the taste and aroma quite yummy. :)

    That Blueberry drink wooo just nice for me really, the chilli sauce aww super spicy gonna cry =X

  9. very interesting food place. I will try it if go to jurong