The Coffee Club

I love The Coffee Club and TCC, there're both great place to chill out with friends. ^^

I guess don't need to wait to be seated~

Pretty quiet.

I love the transparent glasses outside, I think the whole cafe will brightened up and look gorgeous during day light.

Tropical Passion Soda
This is not my liking lol, there is lychee flavor inside and passion fruit. I can't really taste any lychee, the combination tasted like lime juice to me. =X

Green Apple and Mojito Mint
This is so refreshing!! Love it~ But I couldn't finish coz too full and bloated. =(

Country Pie
Wooo I love the super rich taste of the Country Pie, inside there's mashed potato and chicken chunks in creamy sauce also on top there's a thick layer of mozzarella cheese! Yummy! The entire dish I am in love with the salad, delicious and the sauce tasted abit sour.

Again this is another super filling dish, unable to finished. =(

Signature~ Mud Pie

Super huge... 2 person are also unable to finish it... It actually has 2 thick layers of ice cream, the most enjoy part was the thin crust below, it tasted like super rich oreo chocolate crust wow I am extremely bloated~

When I am done and walk pass the cakes, they are so cute and pretty hehe....

I will always come back again, the food here always satisfy me so I will definitely come back again and again. =)

The branch I visited was at Harbourfront Centre. 

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  1. Oh my...I want a Café like that in Germany, too (;O;) everything looks so yummy...and I like the design of the Café ♥

  2. Aw These little cakes look so cute and yumny :3

  3. Love the display!!! And are those macarons in the middle?

  4. Nice pics! That place looks so neat ^^ And those tiny cakes are sooo cute! (o'U'o)

  5. @Mutsumi: Hehe Babe, how I wished to go Germany too >_<

    @Linh: The cakes looks so cute Babe, but I wonder do they eat or throw away after the cafe is closed? It will be a waste~ T_T

    @Blair: Hunnie yes they are haha~~ I must try some day~~ Drooling =D~

    @Kiki: Hee Thanks Babe, yep so cute I wanna eat too =O

  6. Everything looks so divine and yummie!