GEO Super Nudy Grey from Gmarket

My GEO Lens are running out, so I tried to purchase from Gmarket. GEO Super Nudy Grey XCH-625, has always been 1 of my favorite Grey lenses for natural large eyes effect.

Today if you haven't tried any GEO lenses before here's a simple and basic Guide of Authentic GEO Lens. The Seller is Softlens Shop_ID_sg from 
Gmarketsg(now known as qoo10.sg)

The Price of GEO Super Nudy Grey is around SGD21.00(Include Paypal additional $0.50)

Their Base is from Jakarta, Indonesia. I ordered on 20th Aug 2011 and received on 24th Aug 2011 to Singapore. It's only about 5 days!!

It is nicely Bubble Wrapped.

There is another thick Layer of Bubble Wrap protecting the Contact Lens Via Bottle itself.
1 Free Lens Case.

My Eye Degrees were actually -1.75 & -2.75, recently I just made a pair of new spectacles and the Eye Practitioner checked my eyes and final check up -2.25 & -2.50. 1 Side increased and the other decreased... weird... Lolz~ Ok so I can wear both sides -2.50 too. =)

It's good to check your eyes yearly. ^^

Expiry Date before opening is 3 years.
Manufacturer: GEO Medical
Model: XCH-625
Color: Grey
Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve: 8.60mm
Lens Type: Yearly lens

*FYI: For Hygiene purpose use it for about 2-3months and dispose. Some people can maintain it longer, it all depend on how you care about your lenses. Most importantly, is for your own eye care if you feel uncomfortable is better to dispose immediately.

Before Opening GEO Contact Lens Via Bottle, scrape off the part with a Coin from The GEO Mini Circle Sticker Label to get your Anti-Fake Code. =)

Go to GEO's Anti-Fake System to check your Code. It can only be checked once.

After entered Successfully the Message will show. Yay you are safe to use because it is Authentic, but do remember Authentic is just a safe sign, sometimes if you are unlucky you may get a defected lens.
Please contact your Seller regarding defected lens.
Do not try to type second time because the Message will be in Red. =X

I just love Nudy type of lens they look little kinda natural + sexy on my eyes.

Appearance of the Inner Curve Side.

Appearance of the Outer Curve Side.

14.8mm is so small for my Gold Fish Popping Eyes. =(
But I am still fine at least it enlarged my eyes quite well and if larger than 14.8mm I can feel a lot discomfort. 

I think signs of aging is happening to me! This side of my eye lids seems dropping a little, I had a hard time drawing Balance Eye liner on this eye... =(

I know I look tired and pale, need to dye my hair next month to brighten up. ^^

*July 15, 2014: I have stopped purchasing Geo Lenses from Softlens but if you're interested you can get their contact info at https://www.facebook.com/SoftlensShopSG not sure if they are still selling.

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  1. Pretty! I REALLY wanted to try nudy lenses. But GEO lenses really hurt my eyes, so maybe I can give EOS nudy grey a try~ You look lovely<3

  2. Wow - these make your eyes look so large and bold~ Love it!

  3. The love the nudy series but geo's aren't as comfortable as other lenses, hmm maybe I'll give them another try~ they look lovely on you

  4. I love GEO lenses! I think I need to throw out my first pair and get a new one soon.. might invest in grey ones too ^^
    You're eyes are so big & pretty! The lenses look great on you too~ :)

  5. I didn't know about the anti-fake system until I read your entry. Ah, can you imagine how many lenses I could've checked in advance x-x I need to remind this the next time I receive lenses.

    The Nudy series looks fantastic on you, the perfect eye colour for you!

  6. @Ai: Thanks Dear, yes maybe you can try EOS Nudy Series lenses :) Hee~

    @PopBlush: Hee I love it too is totally ok for natural wear too :)

    @LemonberryLulu: I Agree the texture of the Geo nudy series are not that comfortable =X Thanks Babe ^^ Maybe you can try other Brands that carries Nudy Series =)

    @Jen: I have always love Nudy Series ^^ Looking forward to try on other Nudy colors too,
    but too bad Geo Nudy Pink does not have Prescriptions ><

    Thanks Babe^^

    @Anna: Haha Hunnie maybe you will need to check next time but you have too many to check =X I can imagine you will be checking like +_+~~

    Thanks dear <3

  7. i love the color on you! <33
    your eyes look so big and pretty * ^*

  8. That's some fantastic shipping speed hunnie! GEO Super Nudy Grey looks fabulous on you, need to check this series out <3

  9. They really look good on you! Doll face <3 ^^. I did use ammonia free dye today for the first time :) less death hair :)

  10. @Jennifer: Thanks Babe, I love grey color hehe <33

    @Blair: The shipping is really super fast, I just ordered another nudy blue from them hope will reach me soon ^^ Thankiez Hunnie <3

    @Lita: Hee THanks dear ^^ I gonna try next week =)

  11. You have really charming eyes. I don't notice you looking tired at all!

  12. I have stopped purchasing Geo Lenses from Softlens but if you're interested you can get their contact info at https://www.facebook.com/SoftlensShopSG not sure if they are still selling.