[ENDED]q0q0's 1st Mini Giveaway July'11 Winners

View the Prizes here: q0q0's 1st Mini Giveaway July'11

It's been quite awhile I have paused blogging for awhile, I was feeling pretty moody these days due to some problems. Sorry for delay of announcing the Winners.

Congratulations to the Winners! Those who have not win don't be sad >_<
Around Sep or Oct there will be Giveaway again! Do look out for my blog hehe... :)

My 1st Mini Giveaway, I want to Thank you all for joining ^^

After writing all your Names, I folded it up, well I still can see so to be more fair I've decided to ask my friends to help me draw the winners. :)

Ok after putting in my HelloKitty Mini Case, off to meet my friends to help me draw the Winners. ^^

1st Lucky Winner, picked by Emi.
1st Prize will be 1 Pair of EOS Lens & 1 Free Lens Case.

1st: Linh
Linh's Blog: http://linhstar.blogspot.com 
Congratulations Linh!

2nd Lucky Winner, picked by Mika.
2nd & 3rd Prize will have 5 Dermal Essence Masks FREE!

2nd: Lita
Lita's Blog: http://ladidalita.blogspot.com
Congratulations Lita!

3rd Lucky Winner, picked by Emi again. :)
2nd & 3rd Prize will have 5 Dermal Essence Masks FREE!

3rd: Catrin
Catrin's Blog: http://mutsuminism.blogspot.com
Congratulations Catrin!

1st: Linh
2nd: Lita
3rd: Catrin

I will notify them by Email immediately after this, please reply me so that I can arrange when to post to you. :)


  1. WOHOO!! 3rd Place ♥♥♥♥ Thank you so much!!! Looking forward to trying those masks a lot (*___*)

  2. Congratulations!!!!! XD
    Haha I liked the way you drew the names

  3. Congrats to all the winners ^_^

  4. Congratulations! <3

    Hehe Winners do reply my email~

    ^^ Thx Jennifer ^^

    Next time let's play again~

  5. thank you so much q0q0!
    i still can't belive that i won the first prize!

  6. Thank you again! :) i'm still so happy that i won 2nd place! :D Such a cute way of picking out the winners! ^-^

  7. That is such a cute method to draw the winners! <33 (You have lovely handwriting, by the way. o: )

    Congrats to the winners!! (Thanks for running such a cool giveaway~)

  8. Hee thanks Babes <3

    I will held another Giveaway next Month =)
    Thank you for all of your supports <3

    As for the winners I will post to you all tomorrow hehe, after posting I will email Tracking Number to you <3

  9. Congrats to the winners!

    But more importantly...
    What was the sparkly pink color you were wearing on your nails?! :p Pretty~~

  10. @Ai: Dear the pink nail polish was from Etude House, Color code: RD106.

    The Nail Polish itself in the bottle looks like red, slightly transparent and some tiny sparkling bits. It's easy to use and very cheap ^^

    When I paint on my nails it looked like pink =)