Sakae Sushi Tea-Time Buffet

Yay Buffet my favorite fun way of eating more varieties of food than just ordering a set meal! I love to eat and taste so I believe you all know I got a pretty picky mouth. =X

Now I have a habit of taking pictures of the food first before I start eating. I don't care whether is the food cheap or expensive I will still carry on taking pictures, some people still think it is weird and they will stare at me like as if I am first time eating or am I crazy?

Haha... Alright the answer is I am crazy for food and first time? Not all food are first timer for me, I just love to introduce all food that I taste, and tell you is it good or bad~  Lolz...

Ok Sakae Sushi Restaurant definitely not my first time, in fact I can't even count how many times I have been there, it's everywhere in Singapore. It has grown better as in their menu and taste of their food.

Today I shall introduce you Sakae Sushi's Tea-Time Buffet! Tea-Time it's from 3-6pm, Monday-Friday, so you can eat like 3 hours non-stop if you can lolz... Price is only Adult $18.90++! Per Person after Service Charge and GST around near $24.

This Branch me and Zen went was located at Harbour Front Centre Singapore. Harbour Front Centre is linked to VivoCity.

Isn't it cool? Each table there are computers next by and you can order with the mouse, just by clicking! This so much fun. The disadvantages, some food or recommendations you still have to ask the waitress. ^^

The mouse clicking order is totally cool for buffet! I can click whatever types of sushi and side order dishes regardless how many quantity I want! Freaking awesome this is why I love buffet it is so fun~

There's a square hole near the wall, so cool as all the Sushi came out from there. 
Ok there's a rule in the restaurant, Per Person you are only allow to order and take anything that is under $1.99(Sushi Green Plate) non-stop.
($3.99) Pink Plate once and ($5.99) Red Plate once.

1 person is allow to order a Bowl of Udon Noodle Soup. If you are first timer don't worry the waitress will explain it to you how the Buffet works, so you won't take wrong color plates. :)

Here comes our Seaweed Udon and Soup. I don't know how everybody's stomach work but for me if I am having Sushi I prefer to drink some hot soup first before I start eating Sushi, because Sushi rice contains vinegar and I don't want to irritate my stomach when it's empty.

Wooo very big bowl of Udon! I remembered I ate the buffet at Lot 1 shopping Mall Sakae Sushi Branch they served the Udon in a mini bowl lolz...

Seaweed given was super generous, this seaweed is known as Kombu, mostly from Japan & Korea. It is good for your skin. :)

Side Order Fried Hotate(Fried Breaded Scallops), 
Looks super golden yum! It's $1.99 so you can order again and again! Haha obviously not real Scallops. =X
I can't stop looking at the golden scallops, although it's not real but it taste delicious haha... One of my favorites. :)

Side Order Kani Tempura(Crabstick)
Crabsticks are also not real crabs haha so it's also $1.99 order as much as you want. But I totally love Crabsticks, since young till now it is still my favorite most simple food. ^^
Yum Yum Yummy~~~

Side Order Fried Tofu(Fried Beancurd with Teriyaki Sauce), $1.99.
The Tofu is so smooth. ^^

Side Order Takoyaki(Octopus Ball), $1.99.
This is one of the Japanese's famous and favorite food. Love Love it although it is not the best Takoyaki I have tasted, but still not bad. Never get bored of Takoyaki!

Side Order Okonomiyaki(Japanese Pancake), $1.99.
This is something a like Takoyaki but with some Veges inside, love it too. :)
Omg I just love food made of flour. =X

Side Order Salmon Karaage(Fried Salmon Fillet), $1.99.
This is pretty dry and abit hard but for me after chewing long I find it quite tasty. =X
But Zen cannot accept it he says it was too salty.

Side Order Potato Koroke(Potato Croquette), $1.99.
Superb yummy for me there's corn inside, but after eating this I feel super full!~ A very filling dish.

Pink Plate Sushi, Lobster Salad. $3.99. Delicious...

Pink Plate Sushi, Spicy Salmon Fried Maki, $3.99.
Wow I got to say this is super yummy, I am not a fan of raw food but the sauce combines well with the raw salmon... The sauce taste like thousand island extra bit of cheesy? Lolz my imagination. =X

Red Plate Sushi, Amaebi Arare
(Sweet Shrimp, Salmon, Mayonnaise and Rice Crackers), $5.99.

We are attracted by it's look on the menu picture, Erm... Tasted abit bland. But Rice Crackers on Sushi what a great idea and so crunchy!

Red Plate Sushi, Lobster Tama Maki(Japanese Omelette and Lobster Salad), $5.99.
Yummy I just love the Lobster Salad...

Green Plate Sushi, Chuka Hotate(Seasoned Scallop Wings), $1.99.
I will surely order this when I am eating Sushi, simply delicious.

Green Plate Sushi, Ajitsuke Idako(Baby Octopus), $1.99.
Haha this taste sweet, also my favorite must have sushi. ^^

In the end, there are still ice cream served but we rejected it because can't fill in anymore.

In the past I hate "Sakae Sushi's" Sushi~ But now I think they have improved a lot and the Sushi are better in taste now. I will come back again! Not kidding. :)

Settling the Bill at the cashier and saw the Sakae Sushi's Signature Green Froggie's products. Lolz...

Had a great day at Sakae Sushi but lucky I didn't puke when I was watching Final Destination 5~ =X

The staffs there were friendly I was taking pictures of the restaurant and they even asked, "do you need us to take a picture for you all?" Wow so sweet... I was taking their restaurant not self-taking, hehe~

*You might want check up their website for further Buffet info, as the price and time was written by me according to the date 26.08.2011~

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  1. Omg everything looks super yummy! The place looks cozy and cool :) and i always make pics from my food before i eat too! :)

  2. Look at all the glorious food!! I LOVE sushi!

  3. So... hungryyy now. @_@ Oh my gosh. Picture after picture of gorgeous, delicious suuushhiii~.

    Haha. And for a buffet, each dish has pretty good presentation. :] It must be very quick to order with the computer, too. o:

    Aand now I want to try my hand at making potato croquettes, too. Or maybe takoyaki. Yum~.

  4. I love to eat xD I can never get sick of eating udon or takoyaki~~~ I can't find any good restaurants that sell any here though :/

    That restaurant looks so cool! I need to go visit one some time mmm

  5. @Lita: Hee Babe, Hi ^^ 5! Take before we eat <3

    @PopBlush: Yes Babe I love Sushi so much too =D~ I don't mind have it everyday ^^

    @Noxin: Hun I am hungry again too! =X Less waitress are needed with the Computer ordering. ^^

    They are delicious, I am still drooling I will go back again, next time I gonna gobble more Sushi.

    Awesome dear I would love to try your cooking one day~~

    @LemonberryLulu: Me too darling, I will never get sick of udon and takoyaki, I think mostly Japanese food hehe... And yes! do visit some time <3

  6. I feel very uncomfortable when I intend to take pics of food, but I'm a blogger, so I can't help it haha.

    When I was at Vivo City, I - in fact - saw this restaurant, but I was on my own and would've felt stupid if I would've taken a seat there lol

  7. I don't feel awkward cos a few tables away, there'll be people snapping pictures with their huge DSLRs hahaha, idk why but There are lots of people who take food pictures! haha

    I heart Japanese food although I have yet to taste authentic ramen.

  8. omg, this looks sooo delicious. i love sushi <3
    love, summer

  9. that restaurant looks so cool with the computers!
    i've never seen anything like that before :D
    one day i also have to try sushi :)


  10. @Anna: Haha Hunnie at first I feel uncomfortable too =X Next time we can go eat there <3

    @Blair: Hun Maybe the people I seen are not so open minded =X Authentic Ramen is really super nice especially the soup~ Woo Drools~~ <3

    @Summer: Hee I love love Sushi too <3

    @Linh: Dear computers are really cool just click click and food are served =) And you must try sushi someday ^^~

  11. Thanks for recommendation. The photos are very well taken. Will bring my son and my nephew there during the school holidays.

    1. Thank you Dear <3

      Sakae's Price probably increased slightly a bit now =X

      I hope you have a wonderful and enjoyable meal with your son and nephew during the school holidays <3 <3

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