CoolColor Pearl Collection Pink

Last Month when making new Specs at "Pearl Optics, Jurong Point" with Mika, the contact lenses there were very tempting, the largest Diameter was 14.5mm and I spotted CoolColor Pearl Collection, it looked exactly like Dueba DM23 and I haven't tried DM23 yet so intend to give it try.

It was SGD22.00 a small mini Box comes with same Power Degrees in the Box and a Monthly Lens.

Expiry Date before opening till March 2016
Manufacturer: Unknown (Only Stated Made in Korea for CoolColor)
Model: Pearl Collection
Color: Pink
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Lens Type: Monthly lens

Appearance of the Inner Curve Side.

Appearance of the Outer Curve Side.

This was a Picture I cropped earlier on with both eyes. =X

Second Try.

The lens gives a very natural look, it actually appeared more like Dark Brown to Pink. The widening effect is great enough as it's 14.5mm Diameter so I bought Grey too. I believe the Grey one will look like Black Circle Lens Lolx...

For the Comfort level, the first time was pretty comfortable but when I use it for the second time onwards it dried up very quickly, I think maximum duration on my eyes can only be 6hours, around 4hours I can feel the dryness of the lens. After 2 weeks time to dispose~

The texture has a pretty soft feel~ Lolx...

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  1. Bebe, that's such a cute packaging and they look fantastic on you *O*

  2. The lenses look great! <3 Very pretty in the case :D Im sure they are legal ? otherwise the store would not be able to sell them.. especially for a optometrist??

  3. You look stunning once again :)
    Hopefully you'll find out if they originate from Korea. I'd hate it if it damages the eye. Talking about geo lenses, i recently bought the honey wing. Except the store is either messed up or got a bad batch, but one was darker than the other and its really obviously haha. I guess I can't wear it out :P

  4. Really liking the FOTF~ Loving eyeliner too~

    The pink contacts look quite natural on you!

  5. lovely pictures! these lenses look great on you! ♥

  6. i lovee how natural they look <33
    you loook gorgious hun :3 <3

  7. @Anna: Thanks Hun, it was really natural rite =X
    The packaging was very thin box.

    @Jen: Ya should be, but they are not telling the exact manufacturer is, which I wanna know badly.

    Coz looks super alike Dueba DM23, the optometrist duno too.

    Thank you babe =)

    @Cinnabunnie: Thanks Babe, it should be legal >_<

    I know what exactly you meant, I was selling Geo lenses last time, and I noticed some lenses dying color are far too much different, example GEO Nudy Series, most issue in different dying colors.

    In that case, before opening, you need to take a clear shot of the picture showing the differences and send it to your seller that you bought from.

    Ask for refund or exchange, they actually need to send back to Geo Medical.

    Our eyes are precious so we cannot take risks =X
    It might be defected too.

    @PopBlush: Thank you so much Babe, I had a really hard time always drawing my eyeliner T_T
    I got thick eye-lids sometimes the meat there makes me hard to dry it evenly. =X

    @Linh: Hee Thanks Hun <3

    @Jennifer: Thank you Hunnie, I will try on grey color next time but it looks like black lens =D