EOS XtraVaganza (3-Tones) Series WM-310 Pink

EOS XtraVaganza actual model is G-210 which has (2-Tones Color).
They also have another Series looks a like which is G-308 (3-Tones Color).
Both EOS G-210 and G-308 are 14.5mm Diameters.

Today I am introducing WM-310 Pink (3-Tones Color), it is a bigger version of G-308.
EOS WM-310 Sellers are also very rare. 

For some of my lenses I bought it when I was doing Dollilens. EOS WM-310 is 14.8mm Diameters, I start using it about 1 month plus ago.
This was before I checked my recent Eye Degrees, but I still use it because I have some left. =X

Expiry Date before opening is 3 years.
Manufacturer: EOS
Model: WM-310
Color: Pink
Diameter: 14.8mm
Base Curve: 8.80mm
Lens Type: Yearly lens

*FYI: For Hygiene purpose use it for about 2-3months and dispose. Some people can maintain it longer, depend on how you care about your lenses. Most importantly, is for your own eye care if you feel uncomfortable is better to dispose immediately.

EOS Rainbow English Sticker Label.

Left Side is the Outer Curve.
Right Side is the Inner Curve.

Appearance of the Inner Curve.

Appearance of the Outer Curve.

Oppz! Ok Don't look at my False Eye Lashes >_<

It was really hard to stick because it has a thick Transparent layer, I am also a newbie to False Eye Lashes too and I regret buying 10 pairs I should choose the normal Black layer. =X

Lastly, about the lens comfort level. =)

It is not very comfortable, I think my eyes can't take 3 Color Tone Lenses too much.
Dries up so much faster, you will need lots of eye drops if you wear longer than 4 hours.
I have very sensitive eyes too so maybe some people can last longer ^^

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  1. Oh, they are pretty! But the color doesnt show that much...such a pity ;;

  2. @Mutsumi: Yep Hun It's mostly Black :( Can't see much pink =O

  3. you're looking cute as always :) I love the sparkle in your hand! Im a false eyelash newb too. I hate it when the glue shows >< you pull off pink lenses very well. tri tone lenses are my favourite because the colours look so pretty together! I really wanna try the dueba puffy 3 tone. they looked so pretty on Anna and Eki.

  4. You look so cute! Color contacts suit you so well. And those flower earrings are pretty~~

  5. They're too dark for you, my love, you need something pop and bright :D!

  6. I can't tell that they are pink lenses once you pop them in your eyes! Awww practice makes perfect, use those falsies more frequently and you'll have an easy time applying them =D

  7. Wow wow-- the design of this series always looks so cool in the vials! But most of the colours are too subtle. @_@

    In general, you can pull off any lens, but I agree with Anna: bright colours look the best on you~. C:

  8. They look really pretty on you ^^ Too bad they don't feel that comfortable D:
    And i love your necklace! ^^

  9. They really fit on you girl :D love the color and the look ♥ and btw, i LOVE your hairband x3 ♥

  10. woahh beautifull lensess * ^* how come you can buy soo manyy ;o i want that tooo xD aniways you look darn gorgeous in them <33 and the colours is amazing :D

  11. wooooow it's awesome! it suits you really well ♡

  12. @Cinnabunnie: Hehe Thanks Babe <3 I like the puffy 3 tones too ^^ Maybe we should try it someday hehe...

    @PopBlush: Thanks you Hun ^^

    @Anna: Haha Hunnie, I think too much black too for the lens. =X

    @Blair: Heehee Thank you dear! I will try again and again ^^

    @Noxin: Yah Hun it looks really cool in the Vials =X And I agree too, actually in real person my eyes looks like frog wearing the lens. Oppz =X

    @Lita: Thank you Lita Dear <3

    @xapplemilkshakex: Thank you Babe ^^~

    @Jennifer: Haha Darling I still have some haven't try yet. I will have giftaway on October! Will be lenses =)

    Thank you Dear ^^

    @Suzí: Thank you Babe ^^~