H & M Orchard Building Singapore

Shopping craze at the newly opened H & M in Singapore. H & M is very common in other countries, it's a Swedish retail clothing company. Finally it has come to Singapore, in Asia.

 The huge store is located between Orchard and Somerset. Credits to Ling, taken across the Road. :)

Click to enlarge the Image, you can see the long queue. It was only the second day, Saturday 3rd Sep 2011, H & M's opening and the queue was long till Somerset 313.

Long Queue.

I then realized on top there's mirror reflection. =P

The queue was pretty fast, and it's our turn!

1st Level, it's more to formal or adult women's clothing.

The lights were so interesting, oppz I have to cover the man's face because hmm hmm... Weird~

The 1st Level Fitting Room Queue, looks like need to wait more than 30mins to try!

1st Level Shoes Section, it was messy. Emi was smiling coz I'm taking her in the picture. =D

There're total 3 levels, next level is Yay! For younger women. =P

Time to go up 2nd Level!

The cute Lift. =D

The 2nd Level Lingerie Section. Prettiest section Lolz...

Again it was messy due to too many customers shopping.

After we grabbed what we like and ready to try in the fitting room!
The queue was really long, we have to queue more than 30mins, legs were aching. =(

The 3rd Level was Men's and Kids Section. Lots of guys shopping at the Men's Section!

Kids Section.

Emi saw this cute Top from the Kids Section, she tried on but a bit tight. I think she looks fabulous on it, but her uncomfy face shows~

Say Cheese, we're queuing up to make our payment.

I took a picture on my loots while queuing up to make payment at the Kids Section.

Another Top of my loots, I like the shiny silvery print. Both only SGD17.90 Each!

Emi & Ling happily smiling after shopping at H & M! Say Cheese!~ 
Wow look at the crowd of queue...

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  1. Oh wow, such a huge H&M!!
    90% of my closet is bought at H&M I guess...haha

  2. H&M is heard a lot of that store these last days on Twitter unfortunately do not live in Singapore or even a little close. So I have no idea. But it's great you made this post so I can see how it is.

    God Bless you...~~

    Sakuranko Blog
    My Facebook Page Fan

  3. I love H&M! That was a huge store. What did you end up getting?

  4. Wow it's so huge! :O the h&m here is not half as big D: Those 2 tops are really cute ^^

  5. Wow! Can't wait to visit H&M in SG next time I am there~

    Seeing your pics are making me want to go shopping now~ Hehe~

  6. @Mutsumi: Haha Babe awesome you have 90% of H & M in your closet! You must show us 1 day of your closet =D~

    @Sakuranko: Is ok if there's a chance for you to travel I believe you can find H & M in many countries =) http://www.hm.com

    @Kim: Hee Kim it is really Huge, I end up getting 2 tops only~ The heart Shape, and sleeveless bling bling top.



    @Lita: Hee I would love to visit H&M at other countries next time =) Thanks Babe^^

    @PopBlush: Haha Babe, we girls just love shopping =X Yes do come visit next time~ =D

  7. that bow is soo cute on your iphone!!!!

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