A Little Bit Decoration for your iPhone

It's fun shopping at Gmarket when you saw some really cute stuffs~
I can't resist when I saw Ribbon iPhone Ear Cap! It was really cute can't wait to have it on my iPhone. =)

Ordered on 28th Aug 2011, received on 8th Sep 2011 by Korea Normal Mail. Total took about 11 Days, they shipped on 31st Aug 2011. Phew I received it safely because it was by Normal Mail (at your own risk).

The Gmarket Seller was HAKIM. Price was SGD9.90 (Paypal additional $0.50), I got $1.00 discount coupon from Gmarket so grab it. =D

Some iPhone cases are cheaper but this is far too cute, and first time seeing it so Heehee you know... Have to buy =X
I felt in love with the Mint Ribbon =D~

Here's the Mail I received, sorry have to hide my address and telephone. =X

Back of the Mail. 

It was really cute! Can't wait~

A Free 2011 Year Card Calender, and is that a Stamp? =O

Here's the mini Mint Ribbon iPhone Ear Cap. ^^

Ok now let's install the Mint Ribbon~ It's easy just push in on top of your iPhone. =D

Here you go~

I can't resist anything that is pink, polka dots, ribbons~ And you know my favorite HelloKitty's head. =X

My iPhone Screen Protector is abit not well pasted by the retail staffs at some store. And it cost me $22. I missed my Old Screen Protector it was too sticky and still stucked on the surface of my table lolz...

Next if you notice my iPhone Button Sticker, Yes! It's HelloKitty's Head my favorite. I was tempted on by this only design coz it's pink in color lolz... 

Also from Gmarket It's really cheap, Outside Retail Price was SGD5.00 and here only SGD1.80 (Paypal additional $0.50). There are so many cute designs I will purchase again hehe...

Ordered on 22nd Aug 2011, received on 26th Aug 2011 by Normal Mail. Total took about 4 DaysThe Gmarket Seller for the iPhone Button Sticker is The Mimosa Garden. Usually I will choose Normal Mail for cheaper items bought at Gmarket in Singapore, coz it is quite safe to do so, but still at your own Risk.
Used a Piece of paper to cover my Address. =X

The Back of the Mail. =)

Lucky I like Mini Mouse and Melody too =)

Close Shot ^^~

I am now very satisfy with my new iPhone Decoration. Previous Case was HelloKitty with Bling Blings, realized it accumulated lots of dust so changed it to a simple case. =)

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  1. Awww you Hello Kitty lover! <3 The green ribbon is a super cute addition to your phone =D

  2. @Blair: Haha Hun Heehee Yep I am Hello Kitty Lover, crazy for the Kitty's Head. =X

    Hee Hee <3 Thanks ^^

  3. Aw so cute! I love your phone case and that ribbon really ties everyting together :3

    I got alot of phone cases from cocoroni too :3

  4. How cute : 3 I want to decorate my phone too, but i don't ever find nice phone rings :'>

  5. @Tiffany: Hee Babe I love ribbons so much :3 Really? They are so cute hehe!~

    @Kiki: I can't control myself when I see ribbons =X Hopefully you will find nice phone rings and decorate your phone soon Babe hehe~ Would love to see too~ <3

  6. I never knew they should ear phone caps xD I used to have a lot of junk on my ipod touch but now I have two covers I switch around, one really flashy one for day use and one clear one for use at home xD

  7. I love the mint ribbon :) mint looks great on the nails too! and hello fellow hello kitty lover! ^^ i went to taiwan and they had this 4 ft tall dear daniel figure in a hotel! I wanted to bring it home but too bad..it would never fit into my suitcase :P

  8. It's so cute! I love the way you have your iPhone ^^~ I want one of those mints now.. but I only have the iPhone 3GS - waiting for the iPhone5~ ><
    Love the Hello Kitty Sticker~ ^^ I have a Rilakkuma one!!

  9. That bow is soooo cute! And those button stickers are adorable too~

    Thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh this is sooooo cute, bebeh! I also love the mint iPhone case, I hope they have these for 3GS as well and the ribbon thing is a great idea! I'm always worried about that little 'hole' on top of my iPhone cuz I never use earphones to connect them to it :( So it'll only dirten after quite a while!

  11. What an adorable little phone you have! It's all dolled up~. (I love all the Hello Kitty: you truly ARE a huge fan.)

    I might have to let my mum know about those little bows: she has an iPhone and is always worried about dirt getting inside....

    Also, I read your last entry about the new H&M. <33 WOW: that is the LARGEST H&M I have EVER seen. The two local H*Ms are one-floor, but fairly large. The one in the city is 2 floors, though.

    YOUR H&M is gigantic. o.o

  12. @LemonberryLulu: I never knew too Babe until I saw the ribbon =D~

    @Cinnabunnie: Hee Babe, Mint looks really great and Hi^5 to HelloKitty Lovers <3

    Haha... If possible I will try to bring back home =D

    @Jen: Thanks Babe, we girls can't resist ribbons =X You can take a look at the main website http://www.cocoroni.net 1st ^^~

    @PopBlush: You are welcome Babe, cute stuffs are worth sharing ^^~

    @Anna: Hunnie I totally agree with u it has lots of dirt inside >_< http://www.cocoroni.net their main website they have some very cute iphone cases you can take a look Hun <3

    @Noxin: Hello Hun you are back ^^

    Yay HelloKitty can't stop loving it <3
    Maybe time to get a ribbon or some cute donuts to fill up the hole and have a new look ^^

    http://www.cocoroni.net their main website ^^

    Haha really? I didn't know that H & M was the largest store so far when you all lovely babes tell me =)

  13. So cute! The ribbon is really smart, no more dust or dirt can inside XD

  14. ah, cute little decorations. I see lots of these whenever I took the skytrain in Bangkok. Thai people love a lot of these.

  15. @xixi: Hee Babe yep it's really smart to prevent dust plus an extra idea for us to accessorize our iPhone =)

    @Glee: Haha Babe, I heard from my friend too she just went Bangkok recently and saw a lot of alike iPhone Accessories. =)

  16. OMG! I swear the second I saw your post on the ribbon plugs I went on eBay to search for them. I found some cookie and donut ones and just bought a few hahaha. Irresistibly cute >w< Thanks for sharing this!

  17. @Ai: Hehe Babe ^^ I know the feeling! =)
    They even have Flowers and Ginger Bread Man too =X
    Can't wait to see the cookie & donut you bought :p

  18. Looks so cute! ^-^
    I love the little ribbon! :)
    and those little stickers are awesome :) i hope they fit on a ipod touch, i want them too :) they are so cute :D

  19. Where did you find that cute green case?

  20. Sooo cute >o<
    I love both, the ribbon ones and especially hellokitty

  21. Dear all, unfortunately GmarketSG has changed to Qoo10.sg