EOS Jelly Blue G-208

EOS Jelly Blue G-208, there are lots of similar versions like SugarCandy (USD15.00) from Thedollyeye, and also Beaucon Jewel Blue (USD23.30) from Honeycolor. 

Larger Version 15mm diameters will be GEO Sakura Blue WI-A22. (GEO Medical Contact Lenses you can get from almost all popular Online Circle Lens Stores)
These are my old lens which I haven't opened yet. Been reviewing mostly pink lenses. =X

Expiry Date before opening is 3 years.
Manufacturer: EOS
Model: G-208
Color: Blue
Diameter: 14.5mm
Base Curve: 8.8mm
Lens Type: Yearly lens

Well the first Jelly lens I wore was Violet, I remembered I had quite a bad experience wearing them, so I left quite many of my EOS lenses on shelve. 

Surprisingly, these Blue Jelly Lens are quite comfortable. After wearing 4 hours I still feel comfortable. =D

Appearance of the Inner Curve Side.

Inner Curve Zoom in.

Appearance of the Outer Curve Side.

Outer Curve Zoom in.

Both Eyes ^^

Opps I am really playing around at my home. =X

Looking down~ Are my eyes scary? =D

Emo Face =X

Companion my little Bear and of coz all of you ^^~

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  1. omgawsh love the eyeshadow and the nails girl. I love the big defined black ring around it, I'm considering getting brown ones but blue looks nice too!

  2. your hair style is so cute there!!! And I love the nails ♥♥♥
    You're such a beauty =^^=

  3. These contacts are so cool- they match your top and eyeshadow =)

  4. Bebeh you're too pretty :x Luv the Sakuras on you, they suit you better than me ^o^ They give you such a doll-like stare!

  5. I have the brown version and I love mine to bits as well <3 Btw, your headband is omg nice!!!

  6. oh! what nice this post!
    Have you seen my new post outfit? I have also a beautiful giveaway post, of accessories, with no limit price!
    came to me! i wait for you!
    kiss kiss

  7. You're always so pretty! :) love how your make-up matches them :))
    also love your nails :) SO CUTE! :)

  8. these lenses look really awesome on you~
    every colour fits you <3 and pretty make-up hun! also adorable naaaails! <3

  9. Oh boy-- these are darker than I thought they would be. o.o Very pretty shade of blue, though, with your skin tone.

    I'm glad you found these to be more comfortable than the Jelly Violet. (I'm surprised you had such a bad experience with EOS lenses: I like that brand so much. Haha.)

    Also, your makeup is always so precise and pretty. Very cleanly done. <3 I wish I had that kind of skill~.

  10. @LemonberryLulu: Thank you Dear ^^ You Sure look gorgeous on the lens, can't wait to see you wear them :)

    @Suzi: Thanks Darling~ I'm in love with polka dots~ =)

    @Popblush: Hee Thanks Babe ^^

    @Anna: Arh Hunnie~ Thanks you! You are more dolly ^^ I think you look more pretty :)

    @Blair: Hehe Hun ^^ Thanks~ U look beautiful in it =D~

    @Miriam Stella: Thanks Dear ^^ Yes seen it~

    @Xixi: Thanks Babe :)

    @Lita: Thank you Hun!~ ^^ You are always pretty too :)

    @Jennifer: Hee~ Thank you Hun!~ Love your eye make up always ^^~

    @Mai Linh: Thanks you Dear =)

    @Noxin: Haha Hun~ Thank you :)
    It's sad that I feel uncomfortable with EOS, maybe my eyes are sensitive. =X

    Your skills are amazing too especially recent reviews you did! =)