Etude House SunGuard All-Proof

Etude House SunGuard All-Proof SPF50+ PA+++ 50ml

I am consider fairer than Normal Asian Skin Tones, but still afraid of getting darker!~ Especially in Singapore, an all day Summer Country~ =)

Although I am afraid of the Sun, but I am also lazy to apply Sun Block. I am also not sure which brands to buy, some recommended brands are pretty expensive. It's funny I know usually we are advised to apply Sun Block on our face, but I need it for my body too especially my hands and arms. They absorb UV Light easily. 

Here comes my Gmarket(Qoo10.sg) Search again! It's my first Sun Block I am going to try.
The Seller, Shoplinker, their base is at Korea. Took me a total of 10 days to arrive by Normal Mail. Ordered on 8th Oct 2011, and received it on 18th Oct 2011.

The price was SGD12.50 by Normal Mail, again I get SGD0.50 Discount by writing Premium Reviews on Gmarket on previous items I bought. ^^

I've been a Gmarket(Qoo10.sg) craze recently, I think more infuture Lolx... But it's really cheaper~

I love packages all over the world. ^^

Bubble Wrapped.

There's a Free Sample Gift. Pure Joy Nourishing Lotion.

The Back of the Product.

Ingredients Zoom In.

Unwrapped, the Back of the Product.

Directions and Caution Zoom In.

Size of the Product compared to my hand.

Spread out the SunBlock Cream. Looks oily but it's not. :)

As spreading more, you can see there are a little bit of whitening/powdery effects.

It absorbs and dry up pretty fast too. 

From now on I will try to apply the sunblock on my hands and arms when I go out.
I hope it does helps to prevent me from getting dark, sorry I don't dare to be a guinea pig experiment myself from the hot sun for hours. But I think it's my first Sun Block Cream, if there's a better one in future I will review it. :)

The SunBlock Cream that can be applied on Face, Neck and Arms. For the entire Body you might find the bottle too small. =X

There's a smoothing and nice smell for the SunBlock Cream. It's not oily for me at all. ^^

I feel somehow protected with the Etude House SunGuard All-Proof, if not you will see me sheltering myself with my Polka Dot Umbrella. Affordable and good enough for my arms. As for my face I will use sunblock products mend for sensitive skin. 

If you feel same as me who likes to maintain not getting dark or stay fairer, maybe you can try it out. =D

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  1. Wow so cool! I love to learn how to shop from Gmarket! Maybe you should do a tutorial!

  2. Ah! G-market! <33 I LOVE that website. They have the best shops, and the coupons are usually great. (Especially if you do reviews, like you did.)

    Huh-- the cream really DOES blend nicely once it is spread out. And the SPF/sun-protection is so high! @_@ Wow~.

    I need to go out and find something that strong, too. (I usually only find products with SPF 15 or SPF 30..... maybe I need to look at better brands.)

  3. You can also try Biore sunblocks! Aqua Rich UV Gel SPF 30 PA+++ can be used on both the face and the body. I usually purchase a sunblock with SPF50 for my face and I'm using Aqua Rich UV Face Mousse SPF 50+ PA+++.

    They are inexpensive and can be easily found in drugstores. My only dissatisfaction: they contain alcohol.

  4. I think GMarket is a total rip-off for overseas customers. The prices are quite cheap, but the shipping is extremely unfair. I stopped being a member quite a while ago, but for you it's perfect

  5. @Nana: It's simple for local to buy in Gmarket.com.sg~ But I think for overseas customers if you wanna buy from Singapore Gmarket like Anna said, you might need to pay for extra shipping charges when the parcel arrived you. :(

    @Noxin: Yea Babe I am so afraid of the sun I got to start using sunblocks now. And yes better brands will be much better for us. :)

    @Blair: Haha nice seems great the product Hun~
    But my face cannot take Alcohol :(
    Hands still ok ^^~

    @Anna: Yea Hunnie you told me before :(
    That's unfair~ If u need anything I can help you to purchase, normal mail is free to my place~ =D

  6. Nice review...I've been thinking of getting these too...thanks for sharing ^_^~