GEO Xtra Nudy Pink WCH-627

I can't believe now GEO has Power Description for 15mm Diameter GEO Xtra Nudy Pink!
GEO Xtra Nudy Series is slightly bigger than GEO Super Nudy Series.
GEO Super Nudy Series was 14.8mm Diameter.

The Seller, Softlens Shop again from Gmarket.com.sg(Now known as qoo10.sg) was really sweet.

She Whatsapp me and announced that they have GEO Xtra Nudy Series Instocks!
I have always wanted to purchase Nudy Pink Lenses but was worried about other brands might not be suitable for me, so when I saw the announcement I immediately purchase online.

The price was around SGD22-SGD23(Shipping Included), I always write premium reviews on Gmarket so I have SGD0.50 Discount Lolz...

The packaging was better than the last time I purchased it. =)
They packed in their Customized little box =)

Free Contact Lens Case attached ontop of the Little Box. =)

GEO Instruction inside the box ^^

I am sure it's secured enough, the whole thing was actually Bubble Wrapped. ^^

Manufacturer: GEO Medical
Model: WCH-627
Color: Pink
Diameter: 15mm
Base Curve: 8.70mm
Lens Type: Yearly lens

I compared 14.8mm GEO lens to the 15mm, not much a different... It's just a tiny little bit bigger by 0.2mm~

Appearance of the Inner Curve Side.

Appearance of the Outer Curve Side.

You can see how huge the lenses are =X

The effect looks more real in person although it was taken not that clear =)

It is pretty natural, I love pink lens alot...

But I got to say, I don't know why my left eye is having spike pain for these lens.
Because it is really huge and the comfort level was not good... 

Next I will try Blue color =)

*Softlens Shop no longer selling at qoo10.sg you can maybe contact them through their Facebookhttps://www.facebook.com/SoftlensShopSG

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  1. Hi there !
    Those lenses are really pretty !~
    I like your reviews ! Thank you for sharing ! ^^


  2. theres a very pretty halo effect! you look gorgeous once again! I love ur nails ^^

  3. omg, i LOVE these lenses on you! They look great~!! They remind me of the Barbie King lens design! How is the comfortability of the lenses? How long before it starts to dry out your eyes? I need new pink lenses and these look good! :)

  4. These contacts come so well packaged! You are looking good as always~

  5. You always get the cute original packaging *O* Love the gradient effect on your eyes, bb!

  6. Wow--- it's really cool that Geo offers some of their HUGE lenses in prescription. C:

    And as I always will say-- you look great in pink lenses! :]

    Also, I'm glad to hear that you are more inspired to blog. It's also nice that you've become even more health by adding more exercise to your life. I should do the same... I'm just too lazy to start.) If I DO start working out more, I might buy my weights/dumbbells from the same shop as you.

  7. lenses look lovely on you dear! <3
    woah i didnt know they had an 15mm size for nudy lensess * ^* i wanna try out tooo ;D <3
    thank you for sharing <33

  8. oh it's so sweet.
    I'm looking forward to see the blue ones on you. ♡

  9. I love this!
    Pink circle lenses are gorgeous!

  10. Really Love them q0q0 ♥!
    love pink lens, unluckly i never bought ones by now xD but definitly i will ♥!!

  11. I'd write a premium review too if I get a discount LOL *high five bb!*

    Pink lenses don't really look pink once worn.. really like the effect it gives you. Btw which lipstick/gloss do you usually use in your pictures? The cherry tint is so pretty!!

    Is SoftLens SG based? I say reopen Dollilens!! ;D

  12. i'd love Dollilens to be Reopen x3 ♥

  13. @Chanel: Thank you dear. =)

    @Cinnabunnie: Thank you Babe, Hee. ^^

    @Jen: Thanks Dear. ^^ For the comfort level not very comfortable, I am not that sure why maybe the diameter is too big. :(

    Dry up very fast for my eyes like 4hrs~ T.T

    The best part is it's really a huge nudy lens =X

    @PopBlush: Thank you Gorgeous Babe, the package was really sweet. =)

    @Anna: Hehe Hunnie, Thank you.

    @Noxin: Thank you Hun. =D You inspired me too ^^~

    @xixi: Thanks Babe. <3

    @Jennifer: Thanks Dear. ^^ I didn't know at first too hee, it's pretty new. =) You sure look beautiful with it. ^^

    @Mai Linh: Thank you Dear. =)

    @Suzí: Thank you Babe, I will try purchase when my pink lens expire. =D

    @MSodapop: Thanks Babe, I love Pink lens too. =D

    @xapplemilkshakex: Thank you Dear, you sure look gorgeous on pink lens =) I am looking forward for it too ^^~

    Dollilens can't reopen :( I wish I can but Government Law in Singapore is too strict, sobs. :(

    @Blair: Yea Hunnie~ 50 Cents discount for premium review =X

    Thanks Hun~ Hmm I think I'm wearing
    "Maybelline" Moisture Extreme 830 Coral Pink
    "Makemania" Curvy Lip Silicone 506

    The Curvy Lip Silicon is a Lip Gloss, super moisture, but not sure if everyone like the sticky texture. My lips dries up easily so they are really suitable for me, prevents me from self-peeling. =D