[CLOSED] Noodle Star, Bugis

Had a tiring day shopping at Bugis Village, it was late in the evening and our legs were super tired!~

Jessica suggested Noodle Star it was just near Bugis Village.
It looks like a mini Restaurant.

Jessica likes the Wok-Fried "Broad" Noodle in Shanghai Style (上海炒宽面)
The Noodle Texture wass really chewy "Q" and quite tasty. =)

This is Superb Delicious, Original Dish in the Menu was actually Deep-Fried Prawn Coated with Wasabi Mayonnaise (香芒芥末虾球), but Jessica was not a fan of Wasabi so she asked to change it, and the waitress was really sweet they changed for us to Plain Mayonnaise with Sesame sprinkled on top.

Steamed Juicy Meat Dumpling "Xiao Long Bao" (小笼汤包)
It tasted not bad but for "Xiao Long Bao" the skin must be thin, their skin was not thin enough. =X  The Ginger and Black Vinegar is for dipping. 

Pan-Fried Pork Dumpling "Guo Tie" (上海锅贴)
The "Guo Tie" was not bad too but not the best, dipping was also with Ginger and Black Vinegar. =D

Will I be back again?
Hmm... I will not be back again because there was nothing that really makes my taste buds "Pop". And the price is a bit costly for such location and ambiance. People might rather go "Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao".

Earlier on me and Jessica went to an early Karaoke Session at 

I still have a lot to blog, just that I was quite busy with dates. ^^~

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  1. I shouldn't read food posts when I'm hungry >O<

  2. I love xiaolongbao and potstickers, I always want to get some whenever I go to Chinatown xD

  3. OMG. XIAO LONG BAO <333 Sucks to hear it wasn't that good =/ It's one of the greatest delicacies in Chinese crusine <3

  4. I wanna eat 香芒芥末虾球!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A shame that these dishes are a little on the pricey side, perhaps you can include the price next time, so that your readers can judge for themselves?

  5. oh it looks so yummy!!! I'd like to try it. It's making me hungry. ^^

  6. Ohh, the food looks so good! Specially the meat dumplings... i have always wanted to taste them : DD

  7. Urgh-- I agree with Anna: I need to stop reading food posts when I'm already hungry. @_= Haha.

    Hm, for some reason, the name of the restaurant really left me with high expectations. Haha. I expected a different kind of ambience and everything. :/ It's too bad it's a mediocre restaurant overall.

    Still, I nearly began to drool while looking at the Wok-Fried Broad Noodles. <33 Om nom nom~.

    And the steamed meat dumplings? They look so tasty! The thick skin is off-putting, though, I agree. :/ That always makes the texture... weird to me, especially if I dip them in a sauce...

  8. Everything looks super yummy! :)
    and both of you look so pretty ^^

  9. @Anna: Hehe Hunnie~ Let's go grab some food together when you are in Singapore next time =D~

    @Popblush: Yea Babe I love it =X

    @LemonberryLulu: They are our favs =D~

    @Jen: Hee Yep~ A bit disappointed >_<

    @Blair: Hee I will include next time Hun~ But the prawns about only 8 pcs, and it's SG$16.80 haven't include GST 7% and 10% Service charge yet :(

    @Suzi: Hee~ Dear I am hungry again too =X

    @Kiki: Yea Babe Dumplings are really yummy~ >_<

    @Noxin: Haha Hun~ The noodles tasted not bad~
    You must try the meat dumplings someday =D
    There's lots of juice in it and the juice will "burst" out~ ^^

    @Lita: Thank you Dear~ Yummy hehe~