Chong Pang Nasi Lemak

My cravings for Nasi Lemak! I try to avoid Nasi Lemak most of the time due to high contain of Calories~ Most ingredients are deep fried, but when it comes to our cravings~ hoho... sinful =P

"Die Die Must Eat"!~ One of the famous Nasi Lemak in Singapore is Chong Pang Nasi Lemak, I did not know that it was famous until I tasted their Deep Fried Chicken Drumstick. It was introduced by my friend a few years ago.

My brother been asking me to join him enjoy Nasi Lemak cravings many times, I rejected him always. Finally I agreed!! Yay Let's go~~

Picture from Chong Pang Nasi Lemak website.

It was dark and raining heavily that night so I was unable to take a picture. =(

It's an old house Coffee Shop. ^^ Well the prices I can't tell for each type of ingredients. It's not cheap for a Coffee Shop food, but the food taste yummy so people don't really care. =D

Definitely cheaper than restaurants. =X

You can have your food there or take-away.

There's a plate of Rice and you get to choose which Ingredients you want, then the staffs will take for you and calculate total cost of your order.

There seems quite many dishes I spotted that I like.

My favorite vege, Sambal Chilli Stir Fried Long Beans.

The Sotong(Squid) looks yummy, Squid is 1 of my favorite seafood too.
And this special dish, can only be seen for Nasi Lemak is the Mermaid Fish!

Sounds weird, long time ago people here named the dish as Mermaid Fish, I don't know what's the real name of the fish call. But it's really crispy and coated with their special sweet chilli sauce, still very crispy!~

It should be Big Ikan Bilis, Ikan Bilis are also known as Dried Anchovy.

As for my brother, he ordered Small Ikan Bilis with peanuts, it tasted really crunchy and some extra sweetness to it. Fried Fish Fillet on the right, and Otah in the middle. Otah is known as "Otak-Otak", this is really popular in Singapore especially for Barbecue. It's also popular in Malaysia and Indonesia, the most delicious Otah I had was at Malaysia! =)

Malaysia has many yummy foods!! Love it <3

Ok what's Otah? It's actally fish cake paste mixed with fish meat or seafood, with spices wrapped inside a Coconut or Banana Leaf(Own preference if you want to bake at home) and Barbecue it on charcoal brings out it's original flavor. I believe many housewives knows how to make Otah, they don't Barbecue on charcoal nowadays at home, so they replaced it with oven. Some don't use Banana Leaf too and replaced it with Aluminium Foil. ^^

This is a must have special at Chong Pang Nasi Lemak!~ =X

Deep Fried Chicken Drumstick, this is really big... After eating the Big juicy(oily) Drumstick I am already 50% full~ The Staffs there were sweet, they specially placed the freshly cooked Drumstick on another plate for us and gave us lots of their Delicious Chili Sauce. ^^

They still ask us to be careful coz it's really hot~ And yes not kidding, extremely hot just deep fried up from the hot oil. If you bite it immediately you may burn your lips or tongue. =X

Another must have Specialty, Deep Fried Chicken Wings....
I was shocked my brother he ordered 5 pieces... Oh Gosh how to finish... +_+~~

While enjoying all the High Calories and Sinful food it was raining heavily outside. But still customers willing to eat here. And the location was super inconvenient. Their Business hours only opens at 5pm-7am Daily, so you can only have dinner, supper and early breakfast.

Now you know why I'm named Qoqo =)
I am in love with the drink Qoo~~ White Grape since long long time ago. ^^

White Grape Juice was really refreshing~ It's non-gas and a little bit sweet.

My brother's drink was not good. =X

They are also selling some Traditional Kuey too. "Kuey" is made of Glutinous Rice Flour(Sweet Rice Flour).

The Yellow Cake reminds me of my childhood. =)
It should be called Steamed Egg Cake with Raisins.

I will be back for the Sinful Food maybe after 6 months later. =X
Some people can really eat this everyday but not me. T_T
I gain weight easily... Hee~

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  1. Wow so many yummy food~ So delicious!

  2. Yummm.. my stomach is grumbling hehe

    I love that Grape drink!

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    follow me? please :3
    love, poppy < 3

  4. Yummm! All this food makes me miss Indonesia food so much XD especially rujak cingur <33

  5. I'll try this out if I go again to SG XD

  6. that looks delicious! yummy! i am following u now

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  7. Thanks for leaving a lovely comment on my blog :)

    Funny thing, I was born in Singapore!
    How small the world can be sometimes ;)

    -Letters tO VoguE-

  8. OMG I have to eat KFC tomorrow, I need deep fried chicken!!!!

    Does the drink Qoo come with aloe bits? I really like to munch those! Oh dear, I thought Pokka drinks are usually nice? Pulpy C must be the exception!

  9. Everything looks so yummy! :) now i'm hungry again D: and the Qoo drink has such à cute design :)) i wanne try it! :)

  10. great place to eat. i like the fried chicken and the kueh kueh.

  11. @Nana: Yes dear yummy :)

    @Popblush: Hee Babe the grape drink is really nice~

    @nikt ważny †: Thankiez ^^

    @xixi: Babe I agree to looks like Indonesian food :X

    @cominica: You must try when you come SG ^^~

    @Ken: Hee Ken ^^ I've followed u too~

    @Victoria: Oh really I just realize now <3 Hee~

    @Blair: Haha Hunnie I think the drink with aloe bitz are from Polka hehe... <3 Msia KFC yummy!!!

    @Lita: Dear oppz made u hungry again =X You'll love it Qoo Drink~

    @Loveforfood: Hee it's delicious =)