iFairy Hana Pink

I have many stuffs going on recently. :)

My left hand last 2 fingers and maybe linked until my elbow has been feeling 30% numbness for more than 6 months. Recently, I just went to see Doctor at NUH Singapore, Hand & Reconstructive Microsurgery. The doctor said I still can be cured, but for the time being they only gave me a hand support to use when I am going to bed. And taught me to do a few helpful simple exercises, Ulnar Nerve Gliding Program. Allow me to try it for a few weeks and see if there is any improvement.

I believed I hurt my nerves, but to prove that I am really just hurting my nerves... My Nerve check up has to be delayed till next Year January~

How I hurt myself? I don't know too but for some reasons may be true, my sleeping position is weird I don't think normal people can sleep like me with my hand put under my pillow somehow opposite way. And another thing is don't lean your elbow against the table or the bed for too long like me...

My hands are still normal, just felt less sensation within my left hand last 2 fingers, hope I will recover.. =X

Okay, today I am reviewing iFairy Hana Pink! I bought at Uniqso. I have been wanting this lens for a long time~ I was going to purchase from Lensvillage but after paying they told me the lens that I ordered was out of stock...
Order Date: 03 Nov 2011
Received: 18 Nov 2011
Seller: Malaysia
Me: Singapore

Total waiting period 15 Days, it is consider pretty long from Malaysia to Singapore. =P

Just nice Xmas is coming soon, matching box. =)

Merry Xmas to me~ How sweet. ^^

See how cute the small bottles are?

My Eye Power~

Pretty 3D Glittering Wordings.

Expiry Date before opening is 5 years.
Manufacturer: Vassen
iFairy Company: www.ifairycon.com
Model: iFairy Hana Series
Color: Pink
Diameter: 16.2mm
Base Curve: 8.6mm
Lens Type: Yearly lens

Price: USD22.90 + USD5.00 (Handling & Shipping Fees)

Appearance of the Inner Curve Side.

Appearance of the Outer Curve Side.

Biggest Lenses I have wore so far.

Are you a Pink Lens Freak too? =D

About the Comfort Level, Hmm... Surprisingly! It was very comfortable! Such Huge Diameter~ I am now into iFairy Lens, Gotta buy more. <3

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  1. The designs are interesting! I wasn't sure how they would look on actual people, thanks for modeling for me~ They look more like flowers when you wear them xD

  2. I love the designs on these! They're so opaque and stan out ^)))^

  3. Awwwh i wish your arm gets well soon :o and it's so cute how they packed the lenses in Christmas Style ^^ pink looks really pretty on you :) and the lenses have such à cool design !^^

  4. Wow, these so POP on your eyes, they look incredible, my favourite lenses on you so far, honey. You look fantastic <3 And get well soon, love!!

  5. Wow, this is so unique! I've never seen a design like this before. Looks great!

  6. The design is cute!!! And you are indeed a pink lenses fiend, but rightly so since they are very flattering on you =D

    Ignore my message on FB (the one where I commented on your location), should have read your blog first before commenting blindly haha~ Hopefully you will recover asap!

  7. Waa--- these DO look pretty damn big. o.o You already have big eyes, though, so it definitely looks perfect! Pink is a great colour for lenses on you.

    And I like the pink top you're wearing!It really goes with the lenses! You always look so well put-together in your reviews: from the makeup, to your hair, to your accessories. <3

  8. Awesome lenses! <3
    looks great on you dear <3
    and omg i really hope that your arm gets better > < please take good care of yourself!

  9. Those lenses looks amazing on you !!

  10. awesome lenses :)
    Interesting blog, I really enjoyed browsing it :)

    XX JUNO ♥
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    Visit RECESSIONISTA.Thru A Lens
    THANK YOU :))

  11. i love packages <3

    and the lenses are just adorable ^^

  12. oh these are really beautiful and you look super cute in them ♥♥