Mooncake Festival Mini Celebration

Mooncake Festival falls on the 15th Day of the eight month in the Chinese calendar. 

It's our first time celebrating Mooncake Festival ourselves!
Must have Items for us to celebrate.
1. Mooncake!
2. Paper Lanterns!
3. Tea! (So we actually brought real tea pot for creating the atmosphere)
4. Food!

The actual festival was called Mid-Autumn Festival, 中秋節.
The Legend of Houyi and Chang-e. (also known as The Moon Goddess of Immortality) 

We created our own way of celebrating it, so we are not really Traditional. =X
As ages pass by I think is fine to celebrate any occasions in your way.

Paper Lanterns and Candles~

Home made Sushi by Mom and Me~ I know it's weird having Sushi on Chinese Tradition, it doesn't matter we just want to eat =X

The Sushi Roll has 2 types, Meat Floss (The brownish portion in the Sushi Roll). Meat Floss taste awesome, 1 of Asians Favorite! Tasted a bit sweet and yummy~

Added Kimchi in the Sushi Roll too but it's below the top layer so can't be seen. It's another twist for Sushi Roll too, makes me feel like in Korea for a few seconds. =X

The Left Japanese Seasoned Tofu Skin Sushi, taste wonderful... It's actually Spicy Mayonnaise Tuna matches superbly well. And the other 1 is Egg Mayonnaise with Egg Roes. Yum Yum...

What does it do with Long John Silver?! Me and Ling grabbed our favorite Chicken Fillet and Black Currant Juice at LJS before meeting Emi, we were always craving for LJS. =D

Emi & Ling.
Emi dressed specially for Mooncake Festival, very matching. =D
Me and Ling were casual. =X

Emi was hungry and went to buy Mcdonald's Fries.

While waiting for Emi, me and Ling quickly took a SnapShot~

Emi: The New Limited Mc's Cheese Powder Shake Fries are Delicious!!
She's hungry~~ Can't wait to go picnic~

We quickly set up our picnic location~
Tea pot looks Japanese and Sushi too~ Doesn't matter as long as it taste yummy =X

Emi can't wait to eat~

It's really dark, can you see Emi is pouring Tea for us? =X
And if you notice there's a fake Moon right at the top corner~ Bright!! It's my daddy's toy light.

Suddenly, it drizzled a bit. But the sky was pretty for the night. =)

The night totally worked for us, carrying Umbrella and the Lantern, on top of the sky there's a light it was actually Traditional Paper lantern pretty huge that people put up the sky.

Ling bought a lot of Candles, we wanted to create a big heart shape but coz it was raining and we couldn't do it. :(

But overall this Mini Celebration was pretty fun ^^

Anytime Anywhere Anything that you have, when you feel like creating a special day, go for it~ With any resources you have just do it happily and have fun with your friends, it will make an awesome day!~ ^^

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  1. *O* The food looks so good! & For a moment there, I thought I celebrated mooncake day early C:

  2. seeems like you had an awesomee timee * ^*
    jeezz im so hungryy becuz of the delicious foodd your showing xD and ah i wonder how mooncake tastes ;o i would really like to try that out hehe ;D

  3. Wow moon festival! I never knew someone actually celebrated it this much ^ ^ You are amazing! You make me want to do it too!

  4. Looks like yous had fun ^__^ I didnt celebrate much on the actual festival.. just lazed around and ate mooncake hahaha

  5. the food looks really tasty *-* seeing this i get very hungry khekhe :D it seems like a gorgeous day! I want to celebrate, too >.<

    ShuShu ♥

  6. aweee the makis pic makes me hungry, I want to eat my monitor now >.<~~~~

  7. I wanna celebrate it, too, but I don't know anybody who does or they live far away... like you, lol. Moon Cake looks super delicious, I wonder what it tastes like!

  8. Is the egg mayonnaise with fish roe sushi also wrapped with tofu skin?

    It has been ages since I last played with paper lanterns. Am glad that the rain didn't stop you from having fun!

  9. omg that pie looks so goood *Q* i've never had moonpie before! (thats what its called right?)

  10. xD We had sushi during the actual moon festival a few months ago too~ I'm not the biggest fan of mooncakes :/ the lotus seeded ones and green bean ones are my fave though

  11. @Jess: Yep Babe Food was great :O
    I posted the pics late =X

    @Jennifer: Hun Yeah I had an awesome day. ^^ Hee Hee I love to show food no wonder I am so round :p
    Mooncake, my favorite is the most traditional flavor, there's smooth Lotus Paste (Sweet) & (Salty) Egg Yolks~ I love it without the Salty Egg Yolks.

    Due to how new generation people created a lot of new flavors, so many that you cannot imagine. =X Do come visit any chinese asian countries or maybe china town some day during MoonCake festival^^~

    During near Mooncake festival, in Singapore Mooncakes can be found anywhere, in the Bakery Shops, Cake Shops, Supermarkets, Restaurants & Cafe etc anywhere =D

    I am sure same goes to Taiwan, China, & Hong Kong etc countries too ^^~

    @Nana: Hi Babe, yes you can celebrate anytime it's really fun with friends ^^~

    @Jen: Haha Babe! I used to be like that too :p
    It was my first time Hee~

    @ShuShu: Hee Dear it's really a fun day and I really enjoyed! You must celebrate someday :)

    @Rindodo: Haha Dear... <3 you're really cute ^^

    @Anna: Hunnie we should celebrate together someday! It taste sweet, and yummy if you tried very good mooncakes they melt in your mouth :X

    @Blair: Haha Hun!! Me too I think I played Paper Lanterns when I was a kid~ Yes It's tofu skin yum yum <3

    @Nana: Hee Yep it's sweet <3 There are many many versions of Mooncake now, I will show more next year! ^^ Promised~

    @LemonberryLulu: Haha nice Dear we have same thing in common, sushi~~ :p

    Oh yeah that must be delicious <3 <3

  12. Looks like à lott of fun :)) this really makes my want to do something fun with my friends soon :) The food looks really yummy too^^ Mid Autumn Festival sounds like so much fun and so romantic :)

  13. loving lanterns <3