A Day at Vivocity

Emi & I decided spend our day at Vivocity.
It was near Christmas, so there are Christmas Trees and Decorations at all Shopping Malls!~
I believe it's a trend all over the world. =)

Emi & I were mostly playing around outside of Vivocity. ^^
I like Emi's new Bag because it cost SGD22.00 and the quality was really good! Thumbs Up Worth it!!

Ok actually I am super not used to pose full body~ Haha... Awkward~ =X

Why is Emi looking down at her Shoes? It was her pair of new shoes but she bought 1 more pair with Leopard Print when we were shopping~

Lots of tourists likes to come here to take photos.

We both were super hungry, and came to Marche for late Lunch~

Marche is a place like a Self-Service Food restaurant with no Service Charge. Once you enter they will give all the customers 1 card each to record any food that you order, and make payment at the cashier when you leave. I remember the first time I went was with my Primary School Gathering few years ago. 

It seems new to me few years ago of the Marche's concept, but now I think it's very common... If the food taste good it will wow me with the concept. =X

So we entered~

Welcome to this cute Window!~ Lolz...

While waiting for the food we ordered... Cheeze! (Cam-Whoring)...

The cook shouted very loud~ "Rosti"!! So we went to collect ourselves~

Oh no!~~ Not yummy too hard(Over-crispy)~ =( 

Emi's face expression was still joyful before tasting it~ =X

Everyone there were ignoring us when we wanted to order a Pasta!~ We were standing infront of them for 5mins+... We said, "excuse me"... Still ignoring +_+
What are they doing? Cooking and talking...

Next... Prawn Seafood Pasta with Tomato Sauce... Very disappointing~~~ 
I have to say it honestly... Please go and learn how to cook real Pasta!!

No one can imagine... The presentation was even worse... I have to re-decorate it again and take a good shot of the food. =(

Ok I will not go back Marche again!!~

Emi was pretty bloated after the food~

Time for some Milk =X

After the awful Lunch, we went for Movies inside Vivocity's Golden Village. Happy Feet 2!
Emi: "nobody's queuing"!

Christmas Decorations

The very familiar FOREVER21!!

I bought a few gifts for Giveaways soon at Etude House. =)

Went to Zara~ The mirror has lots of finger prints =(

We grabbed quite a lot of accessories and some clothes. I am preparing for a 2nd EOS & GEO Contact lenses Mini Giveaway soon! Stay Tune~ =D

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  1. I miss Vivo City, such a great mall, directly nearby the harbor T_T WAAAH

    And you look so cute in that black dress!

  2. Vivo City- i heard a lot of it. nice place for lunch- Marche. wonderful pictures.

  3. Vivocity looks so fun >w< I wish I could go!

  4. I wish I went there when I went to Singapore >.<

  5. awww you too look like you had a great day! :)
    the zara black dress looks pretty on you!

    - Coco

  6. nice!I never knew there were f21's in Singapore xD lol . It's so warm there! You can wear cute shorts and a t-shirt~ lucky cute!

  7. Looks like you had so much fun~~

  8. p.s: i love the attention to the window..wood ambiance ^^ <3

  9. ooooh great photos ♥ The weather in your country looks so nice ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥