Imitation of My Beauty Diary Mask *Sold by sml2u*

I bought a lot of My Beauty Diary Masks from this Penang, Malaysian Supplier Sml Enterprise Sdn Bhd. I may be inexperience in choosing the correct seller but the truth is, these masks were imitation. I hope this blog/review will help innocent consumers around the world.

*Below all the pictures are not edited, and taken at night.
*Honest posting here.
*When I say I want to blog about this matter, Seller says,“请便”。 It means, "Go ahead".
*My Original Masks is always bought at Guardian or Watson.

I believe there are not only one version of imitated My Beauty Diary Masks. Why I am so sure this is fake?

Because the smell is unpleasant, how unpleasant is it? Smells like plastic/rubbery scent, this familiar plastic/rubbery smell can always be found on bad quality bags or some plastics that are melted etc... For me myself I do not have a very sensitive nose, but since such unpleasant smell I can sense it, means it's not a joke.

Masks are a point of key in our lives now, some of us use it twice a week or maybe everyday. We totally cannot imagine the consequences if we are blindly using imitated masks for long-term.
I placed it on a Black Cloth.
Fake: Shape different and larger, it looks not as Moisture as the Original one.
Original: After placing out for quite long, the masks is still moisture and soft, not dried up like the fake one.

*The shape of the nose is different too.

Close look of the quality is different.

It looks almost exactly the same... It's really hard to differentiate... But if you zoom in the picture, the Chinese fonts are slightly different. Original print is lighter and delicate.

It's very hard to differentiate or tell where is it wrong.
For long observations, the fake Date Print smudges easier and the Date Print Mark is deeper. The original Date Print is more lasting.

Out Package Box, Date Print Format is different, and color of the box is slightly different too.

Company print/color are different.

Shape of the inner box is different too.

Seller's Site: http://sml2u.com/

Why am I so unhappy with the seller?
Because they do not admit their "My Beauty Diary Masks" were Fake, besides that I already know there will not be a refund made if the other party tends to sell imitation.

Below will be the conversation by me & the seller.

Seller's Msn Account.

The Msn conversation is only started after I tested out the Masks. This doesn't prove much but seller is really too much..

They say I am playing with them -.- Such things why would I play around?
The throughout conversation shows that they have been scamming customers with imitation masks besides not solving or admit any mistakes. They pointed at me that I have nothing better to do, received on 23rd Dec 2011 and it's my fault making a nuisance on 26th Dec 2011 during midnight. I filed a dispute file case against them with Paypal, but they are still stubborn, ownself claiming they are right.

Google Sml Enterprise Sdn Bhd can be found.

Helpless of me, I do learned a lesson from purchasing Bulks from not recommended Supplier. Most importantly, I hope all my lovely friends, blogger friends and everyone around the world share my experience and have less chances to purchase any Fake Masks. It worries not only our money and it's more concern of all our precious skin. =( 

Lastly, the Fake Masks really stinks... Even I opened another flavor Collagen Firming there's still the unpleasant plastic smell... =(

I feel sad, cheated and emotionally affected. Never in my life tried any fake masks... Heartless people without conscience are hated!


  1. Oh dear, this sounds absolutely horrid. I can't believe how horrible they handled the situation. As a company, they should be understanding towards their consumer's words and work to fix it. I'm completely appalled at the way they handled things, but the fact that they seem quite okay they there are selling imitation that quite possibly may or may not cause a person to have a horrible reaction to it. Tsk.

  2. Dear I have very sensitive skin, the moment I smell plastic I dare not to use. :(

    Many masks don't work for me actually until I use Original My Beauty Diary Mask Aloe Vera Flavor.

    The Original ones does not have such unpleasant smell :( It's nice smelling it too

    They think I am funny playing with them +_+~

  3. Omg, that is totally not funny. Why would they do such a thing. Wouldn't the actual company be pretty pissed off about this problem as well? I just can't believe that they would shun you off like it's not their problem. Usually, every company that makes products would be supportive and cooperative with consumer problems.

  4. Ya indeed~

    They act like nothing happened, is just a girl making noise. I bought total about 500piececs. :(

    And all are fake +_+~

  5. They should have at least mentioned that it's an imitation, otherwise it could have caused serious allergies or something to other people D:
    Their so called customer service is horrible too D:

  6. thanks a lot for sharing the great info. i am going to share with my friends too.

  7. I've heard about My Beauty Diary masks for quite a while and really want to give it a try, but I couldn't find it anywhere! I even didn't find them when I went to Singapore, maybe I didn't look carefully enough. I was pondering to order them online, but now after reading this post I think I'll skip. I'll be going to Penang shortly, so perhaps I could buy some there.
    Thanks for sharing this. I'm sorry it happened to you, but you're right, it's just about the money, it's also about our precious skin! While back, it's been said to use mask once a month, but nowadays we use them once or twice a week. Eye mask, also.

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  8. @Yoyo: Thanks Dear ^^ *Hugs*

    @Loveforfood: :) Hop it will help abit~

    @LeeAnne, Style N Season: I think purchasing from sasa.com should be alright dear ^^ There seems to be more than one version of imitated "MBD" Masks, also the imitating company keeps improve their packaging to look more perfectly similar to the Original ones.

    Sure will visit u ^^

  9. Wow.. That's hard to see. But if you look closely, there's a small imperfection at the bottom (right above "fake" in back photo). And also the small gap where you peel the packet is not the same.

  10. q0q0, I just wanted to inform you that I spoke about your incident with this seller on my blog about imitation/knockoff products (http://tumblr.com/ZGNvJwDrqhv7).

    I can totally understand how you the sensitive skin is such an issue. My skin is combination, so it goes in and out of being extremely sensitive and not being sensitive. I know that if I had used those, I would have horrible, horrible break outs. And smelling that smell would leave me feeling extremely ill.

    I'm still appalled at the way they handled things. Hopefully, things with Paypal work in your favour cause they are just horrible.

  11. oh my goodness, that's horrible!!! i received free samples but never used them but this post is really helpful, thanks a lot for it. i never used this beauty mask (though i have heard good things about it). and i'm truly sorry about what happened to you T_T at least you know better now.

    alex @ carouselstreet.com

  12. ++Add on: All the while I've always purchase my MBD Masks at Singapore Guardian or Watsons.

    I am really grateful that "My Beauty Diary" Singapore Authorized Distributor (Tymco Singapore Pte Ltd) replied my E-mail and gave me helpful tips.

    I hope the below tips will help everyone too~

    Tips/facts/consequences by Tymco Singapore Pte Ltd:
    -imitation masks are likely to smell weird, mask to tear easily, serum to feel sticky and mask to fit poorly
    -the worst point is that your skin is absorbing all the wrong ingredients that have gone into making these masks for the sake of saving cents
    -these traders have now gone to mix real masks and false masks together into 1 real outer box because they are chasing easy profits from individual traders
    -Please avoid fake goods/parallel goods where you risk your own skin health, please buy the original My Beauty Diary masks exclusively from authorised stores above for your guarantee of product quality and consumer protection

    @Isabel: Agreed with you Babe~

    @YACCHI.:That's really awesome of you dear of sharing it ^^ Thanks :)

    @Alex: If the free samples are from a reputable stores/sites it should be fine, you can open first smell it and test if it works nicely on you, but if irritates your skin you have to remove it immediately. :)

    Great sharing from YACCHI. http://tumblr.com/ZGNvJwDrqhv7

  13. You poor thing!!! Don't buy from such horrible people :( Thanks for your post.. i think i need to double check on ALL my masks now T____T;;

  14. Aww q0q0 :< Thanks very much for the detailed post and it's horrible how they have probably lied to a lot of other people too! Or worst, they keep buying it and have no idea >_< I will watch out now!!
    I have tagged you in a post! ^^ Hope that cheers you up ~

  15. Omg! that is horrible....
    They didn't even seem sorrow or ask if you wanted any sort of compensation?
    I appreciate this post since I was thinking of buying them on eBay but I'm not too sure now... I'd rather be safe than sorry for my skin's sake...

  16. WOW! This is a great post! :) Thank you so much for informing us about this! Maybe you should throw away your fake ones or else there will be side effects on using it. :\

  17. Great post! I'm sad for you though.. I can't believe people would make fake masks!

    Happy New Year, Pretty! ^_^

  18. Thank you so much for this post! I think I got a fake mask too before....

  19. Wow, they almost look identical. I wouldn't have been able to spot any differences! Thanks so much for sharing this sweetie, it's so helpful and makes aware of non-authentic items!

  20. poor you.... i hate fake things

    awesome blog girl!
    from your newest follower


  21. @Jen: Yes dear they are horrible :( Yes we got to double check next time~ I tried 1 purchase at Gmarket before the Fake Masks, I realized the Gmarket Seller's Masks seems not "real" too :(

    Manufacturer date 2009 Expiry 2012. I am not sure about year 2009 MBD Masks but it smell not as good as the Original ones, shape is super weird too =x

    @MuiMui: Thank you Dear for tagging me ^^ How sweet of u <3

    Yes we all have to watch out more now T_T

    @arsyparsy: Yep Babe they are not even worry about being complain and standing still selling imitation masks. They may be happy now because no one can sue them or bring them to justice in their country.

    You can still purchase online if the seller has real good customer's good reviews/feedbacks :)

    So far sasa.com should be alright. E-bay I have not tried before >.<

    @littELLEbratontheloose: Thanks babe :) I will throw away soon and I definitely won't risk my skin to use it >.<

    Incase someone wanna compare it I can still show them. ^^

    @bee.: Happy new year to u too Bee ^^ I can't believe too :( Maybe the cost of manufacturing a masks is really cheap and they use cheap ingredients to imitate. It seems very common in China, but nobody can stop it... :(

    @Airi: :) Me too on a purchase of MBD Masks at Gmarket a few days ago before I bought the Bulks of Imitation Masks. No "sellers" will admit their goods are unreal. >.<

    @Popblush: Yes Darling they look almost identical >.<

    @Florence: Thank you my Dear ^^ I hate fake things too >.< I'm following your awesome blog too <3

  22. Err...I'm planning to buy from local forumer and this scares me. D:

  23. Such a great post dear! Thanks for sharing :) Mind to follow each other? ^^

    Karina Dinda R. ♥

  24. @♥ ayuki ♥: Dear if the local forumer has good recommendations from customers should be ok or the safest is try 1 first =O

    @Karina Dinda R: You're welcome my Dear :)

  25. Such a good post! i'm always a bit scared when buying stuff like masks online :O and this really makes my realise i must be carefull!

    Ohw and a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! <3 ^^

  26. @Lita: Happy New Year to you Hun <3
    I'm scared too now >_< Hopefully we will be more careful <3

  27. wow this is so informational!! sorry you had to face a fake mask though >.< what a shame

  28. @Vyvy: :( Hopefully less ppl will get a fake mask T_T

  29. Wow, I have always been aware of fakes of various companies/franchises, but I wouldn't have never thought that they would go as far as copying a MASK brand!!?? Wow, sad.. not only is it Louis Vuitton, Tokidoki, Coach, etc.., but masks?? sorry for your poor money waste, what crap huh? The fake packaging is ugly too lol. But serious the real companies should sue against that kind of stuff! Thank you for the info, as I am starting to get into Asian beauty products, they're sooo nice and pretty!! Have you ever tried strapya world?? LOVE THAT SITE, it has stuff like Hello Kitty, Rilakkuma(spell check? Lol) and much more! And thank you for following my blog, mean alot ^^ hope you find a better solution!

    1. MBD masks are very high on demand I guess world-wide, so I guess "those black-hearted imitaters" love to target such products~ Haha And yes I've went strapya world ^^

      Dear do let me know how to comment on your blog >_<

  30. Replies
    1. You are welcome my Dear~

      Hope these really helps and if the original taiwan MBD company changed new packaging some day then please becareful of new imitated packaging/product masks my dears ^^

  31. Hello owner of blog.

    May I check with you how much are you getting your beauty diary masks now? And where do you get them now? Singapore or Malaysia? :)

    1. Hi Darren,

      Now I get it from http://www.sunnanz.com.sg Singapore. :)