Pre-Xmas Meal 2011

We've decided to throw an early Xmas Meal this year~ <3
All the foods are unique ^^
Appetizer Smoked Salmon with Caviar spread with special Cream Cheese

It was my first time trying to make this Appetizer, it's delicious... I cannot even describe how good it tasted~

Multi Color Salad

Nacho Chips & Chick Pea Dip


Dipping Ingredients for Cheese-Fondue

Very Special Aunt's Braised Turkey

It was my Aunt's Signature dish, never heard of Braise Turkey? Braising the Turkey makes the meat super tender than Roast Turkey.

Dad slicing the Turkey Meat for us =)

Mom's Pineapple Fried Rice

Seafood & Bacon Spaghetti

There was my Special Cream sauce served with the Spaghetti. =D

Once you try my Baked Potato, you gonna be hooked >_< 

Xmas Log Cake by Polar Puffs & Cakes
It tasted pretty yummy =D

This Musical Santa has been with me for many years~

Emi eating all the Food =X

Emi said, "No Mika is eating with me".

Jessica says, "Hey I'm here, Cheers!"~~~

Emi starring Pink Bunny today. =)

Jessica feeding Emi the Pink Bunny Breadstick~ =X

Mika the Blue Bunny & Emi the Pink Bunny

The Bunnies are giving me Presents~ =O

Mika playing my Santa Horns =P

Cam-whoring time~ Emi & Jessica

Jessica & Mika say Cheese~

Mika & Emi playing adults toasting!~ Ok the drinks were actually Grape Juice Soda and Apple+Cranberry Juice Soda~

Emi playing Student?

Me and Lovely Jessica

Me & Emi the Super Model

Me & Kawaii Mika

We here wish all of you an Advance Merry Xmas!~ Do enjoy your Xmas ^^~

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  2. The cake looks soooooooo nice! :/drools

    Advanced merry christmas to you too~!


  3. omg the food looks so good! love the mini santa hats!

  4. the food looks so delicious ;o; <3

  5. Everything looks so good *____* I want to try your baked potato now!! ^^

  6. the food looks wonderful, as does the outfits!

  7. Wow.. you girls cooked all that?! I thought you ate out!

  8. Oh my god, you're so incredibly talented. Everything looks delicious and perfect and it's a great mix of healthy things and sweet stuff, I'm starving :o

  9. Delicious!!! You are such an accomplished chef!!! Btw babe, don't worry if you can't make it today, we can always meet some other time. I'm sure I'll visit Singapore again soon ^^ <3

  10. Oh, so much delicious food!
    I love all the pics! You all are very beautiful : 3

  11. Everything's lookng so Yummy
    and you girls are so cute ^^

  12. WOW! the food is mouth-watering!
    I love love love your pictures!
    You're all sooo cute, too! ^_^

  13. WOW!Very nice food and decoration! And pretty girls;) You guys look great hun!

  14. wooooo it looks so nice. Everything and everyone! ♥♥♥ looks like you really enjoyed it. ^^