New Year Nail Color

Happy New Year 2012 to all lovely friends and bloggers!~ ♥ May all of us Dearies have a more fabulous, happy & fruitful year. 

New Year has come let's have a change for our Nail Color :)
Sally Hansen's Nail polishes are my favorites. For a New Year's Resolution let's paint Blue =D

And the upcoming Chinese New Year falls early this year, Chinese Lunar New Year's Day falls on 23rd January 2012~ So the must have color for Chinese New Year is "Red"!~ 

The blue makes me feel like Mermaid~ And the Red makes me feel hot~ =O

It has a mixture of metallic effect, blue has become my new favorite color on my nails ^^

Some Metallic nail polishes dries up very quickly when you're painting destroys the results outcome and you got to repaint it or change another color. But Sally Hansen is good enough~ When painting nails, I will try to avoid less-wind, switch of your fan to prevent nails from drying up fast. Of course less dust area >_<

Why to avoid windy and dusty place while painting your nails? Because bubbles foamed or dust trapped on your nails while painting are very annoying. =D

Red is really hot, just by having red nails immediately you feel hot/sexy!~ Red is also my all time favorite. 

Usually is best to have 2 coats to look better, but before that ensure a base coat first. ^^

Wishing all a great year to achieve great results and anything you do All the Best 

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  1. Happy New Year to you too :)
    Nice colors ^^ i really like that red :) I should do some color change too :D thanks for inspiration :))
    wish you nice day ^^

  2. omg those colors are bold! nice job ♥ i love the shape of your nails!!

    Happy new year to you too!!!! MAy your wishes come true ♥

  3. love the blue~ it looks so mermaidy your right

  4. That blue is really nice. Not too over the top either. :D

  5. nice shades...lovely..i like the blue one..=)

  6. Wow, love the colours. Especially the blue ^^ Haha make me feel like a mermaid too !

  7. Happy new year, bebeh :D

    You have such beautiful, long, clean nails, aww I'm jealous!

  8. That blue is lovely! It does remind me of the ocean and mermaids.

  9. omg love the length of your nails! the colours are great choices too ^^

  10. ooooh awesome colors <3 suits you really well. =^^=

    PS: honey I'm making my blog private so I need your email address to add you to the readers list ;)

  11. Ooo.. I like the Green With Envy from this range. Last I saw, they only had less than 10 shades here and these weren't there. Bleh..

    Tagged ya

  12. I love the blue!! I love metallic colours, looks so shiny ^o^
    The red is very cool too~! Looking forward to chinese new year ^_^
    Happy new year~

  13. Lovely colours! Happy New Year 2012

  14. @LaPetiteIchigo: Happy New Year Dear ^^ I can't wait to see your new color nails :) Have a great year and a great day <3

    @Mutsumi: Happy New Year Babe <3 Hee Thanks ^^ Love ya <3

    @LemonberryLulu: I'm loving the blue too Hun <3 Yea Mermaidy :p

    @chaya bunny: Hee Thanks Dear, maybe I might try some Bluer colors next time. ^^

    @Eugenia: Thanks Babe, hope it's not too red =D

    @Janet: I'm loving the blue and many blues =) Thanks Dear <3

    @MuiMui: Glad you like it, Thanks Babe ^^ Hehe mermaid :)

    @Anna: Happy New Year Hunnie <3 <3
    Thank you Hun, aw >.< I have troubles with my nails sometimes, when I haven't paint finish half the other half dried up very soon. =X

    @Vonnie: Thank you Dear <3 Ocean & mermaids are so blue and wonderful ^^

    @Ken: Happy New year to you too Dear Ken ^^

    @Jen: Thanks you Babe <3

    @Suzí: Thanks you Honey <3 I've emailed you my email Dear ^^

    @Isabel: They have limited colors here in Singapore too >.< Maybe next time I got to purchase it online from drugstore or other online us stores ^^

    Aww you're so sweet Love ya <3

    @Yoyo: Happy New Year my Dear Yoyo <3
    Glad you like it hehe~ Happy Chinese New Year to you soon <3 Reds are out everywhere now =D

    @Loveforfood: Happy New Year Babe <3

    @Mela: Happy New Year Dear <3

  15. Happy new year 2012,

    I wish this is the best year for all of us and all the dreams or planning we've built, can be realized in this year.

    (Do not forget to come back to my blog ya)

  16. I LOVE the Cherry Red color!!! And it lasts for SOOOOOO long!!! xD

  17. Aww, the blue color looks so soft and fresh! ♥‿♥

  18. @Dark Heart: Happy New Year 2012 Dark <3

    @eimi.desu: Hee Dear it's my all time fav color and the nail polish last real long ^^

    @Lita: Thanks dear <3

    @Kiki: ^.^ love the blue too <3

  19. the colours are sharp and nice ;)
    I love the blue one ;)

  20. The blue one is really cool, somehow reminds me of mermaid color! Red is gorgeious but very common, I'd definitely go with the blue. So fresh!

    Visit me:
    LeeAnne, Style N Season

  21. Nice articles. I'm just blogwalking and very happy to stop here. And also give you some comment here.

    Dont forget to give us some your comment into my blog too.

  22. looks so pretty, and you paint nails so nicely ^__^

  23. Wow, the red looks amazing on you!

  24. @Crystal: Thank you dear :) I love the blue too ^^

    @LeeAnne, Style N Season: Yep Babe Blue is really cooling <3

    @Admin Of Spammers Blog: ^^ Alright DarkHeart~

    @CrystalLuvz: ^^ Red is sexie~

    @Popblush: Thank you Sweetie <3

  25. "The blue makes me feel like Mermaid"- 你很可爱的!:D

  26. @Frankie 泪水: Hehe 你也好可爱!嘻嘻~

    @Ken: Thanks Ken ^^

  27. All ready for cny, i like the colours especially the red

  28. hi please visit and follow my blog at paperdollradio.blogspot.com ;)

  29. I'm a new follower~! Very cute blog! I love the first colour~! You have such pretty slim fingers~!<33
    xoxo tifuani

  30. I LOVE blue nails! I've already done a post only about my blue nailpolishes *collects them* the mermaid feeling is awesome! <3 hehehe~ love the colour you bought *___*

  31. Hello there! I tagged you in a question challenge ^^

  32. @Loveforfood: Hehe ^^ Happy CNY Dear <3

    @Milani: :) Visited~

    @tifuani: Hehe Thanks Babe~ You've a cute cute blog too ^^ I'm looking forward for your new pink dye hair =D

    @Melody: Nice Dear <3 It's really awesome you've got so many Blues ^^ Love it~

    @Kiki: Thanks Dear Kiki ^^ You're real sweet <3

  33. i love the nail polish <3

    & btw Happy birthday !!