Grapey Dotted Nails

I was eating some grapes today, and I suddenly thought of painting my nails purple~ So I found something purple in my nail polish box.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear Color Lacey Lilac

I bought it at Watsons and if you purchase in stores look for color code 270 Lacey Lilac, if you view from Sally Hansen's website the code is SKU #4860-60. Or purchase at Drugstore.

The White Nail Polish I purchased it online at BornPrettyStore.

I am not a fan of light pastel color nail polishes, but this purple changed my mind. It has always been difficult to paint light colors because some nail polishes are just really thin and you need to paint it like more than 3 coats then you get the perfect color you want, plus you need to wait it super long to dry for so many coats~

First time trying purple nail polishes, I'm really excited because of my long mind concept of what colors brings out my skin looks fairer~ Now I don't care anymore, if you like the color just paint it. =D

I painted only 2 coats or purple and then the white dots on top. =)

Honestly, the purple takes not long to dry~ <3

End it with love for all Babes. <3

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  1. i love this shade of lilac <3 super cute with the dots.


  2. So cute! Love the pretty purple color :)

  3. The grape dotted nails look so pretty and summery!! :D Awesome job!!
    Following you~~ <3


  4. the nails look soo cute :3 i love lavender ;)

    check out my little giveaway ^.^

    1. Thank you Babe~

      Cute giveaway~ I will put it on my sidebar for u <3

  5. Wow it looks great! You're really skilful :)

  6. I think lilac suits you well, I never have the patience to do nail designs like this, it looks so cute!

    1. Thanks Hun =)

      I think I know how to do simple dots only =X

  7. Replies
    1. =) The purple really pretty and easy to paint =D

  8. haha love that eating grapes make you paint your nails!

    ...honestly I can't focus on your nails because the picture you took of grapes looks so delicious I'm seeing grapes everywhere. LOL

  9. You mentioned that you usually think about what nail colours will work well with your skin tone, and I was wondering, how can you tell? Like, I never knew how to decide if a nail polish would suit my skin or not. Is there some sort of guide or rules? ~

    1. There're actually no rules, just felt some colors makes me and some others turns out yellowish after painting "for many fair-normal skin tone". For example, pink is the most easy to look yellowish for your skin after painting. You have got to find the right pink, everyones skin color are different.

      How to find the correct color nail polish that suits your own skin tone?
      -If you happened to pass by any beauty/cosmetics stores where there are nail polish testers, you can try them out till you are satisfied.
      -Usually safe colors are red(not all red), black, dark colors makes me look fairer (I am a chinese asian so I got quite fair+more to yellowish skin color).
      -Colors that makes my skin look yellowish, usually are Pink, orange, yellow of course, etc colors, even orangey red makes my skin looks yellowish.
      -Don't worry if you paint a color that don't suit your skin tone... I always add white or black polka dots and it look so much better~ You can also stick nail stickers to make it to your own liking~ ^^

      You will be wondering which pink or red or dark colors suit you?
      Because there are so many tones of Pink, Red, Dark colors etc... How to choose?
      -You still need to test it out with testers.
      -Google the Nail Polish Color at Google Image, compare which blog reviewer's skintone most near your skin color.

      My favorite color is still black especially for my toe nails! It makes my feet looks very fair. Also recently the OPI Big red Apple Nail polish.

      Lastly, visit Nail salons and enquire Manicurists for advice~
      Thank you for asking this question, hope it helps a little :)