A Little Cute Red Nails

Hola my all Pretties~ Today we will put some dots on our Red Nails =)

Whenever I am painting my nails now, sad to say my left hand last 2 fingers are still feeling a bit numbness/less sensation, doctor asked me to decide whether to have surgery on my next appointment on July. The numbness/less sensation surgery is call "Cubital Tunnel Syndrome". He offered 2 types of surgery, 1 with smaller scar and 1 with big and obvious scar. I was told by relatives and friends to try out Chinese Acupuncture first maybe I will give it a try before deciding to have surgery. I think the numbness is mainly caused by me leaning against the table too much of my elbow and I remembered I used to study and use my laptop on my bed too much leaning my elbow for very long hours.

Ok back to Nails ^^
AC Nail Enamel D 44 "AC-NED-44"
ELF Essential Nail Polish "Fire Coral #1546"
Daiso's Winmax Light Color Nail Enamel

I bought AC Nail Polish for SG$4.75(Original SG$6.80), Great Singapore Sales Season now so there were great discounts. =)

This is the only White Nail Polish I can search nearby my house at "Guardian", so this is planned & designed in Japan product and only ¥105 in Japan, made in Taiwan. 

Manufacturer: Do-Best Inc.
Singapore Importer: Betime Marketing Pte Ltd

ELF Essential Nail Polish - Fire Coral #1546, this color is really fire red if you paint the entire finger~ Hot <3

I bought myself shipped through Comgateway of course the shipping fees were quite expensive. =(

Daiso's Winmax Light Color Nail Enamel, SG$2.

Remember to apply Base Coat first ^^ 

This color is very light, need at least 2 coats, if you like the color just itself then you might need 3 coats. 

I am going for the nail tips with red polish, start painting from the sides first to achieve the shape you want. =)

Dot with white nail polish, you can nail dot tools or tooth picks. Lastly, remember top coat~ =)

Completed ^^

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  1. OMG!!! Those are the cutest nails I've seen in awhile and it's so simple too. I gotta try it out sometime >.< thank you~

  2. Ahhh--- Lulu is TOTALLY right! <33 These nails are super cute! And not too difficult to do.

    You have really good technical skill with nail painting. o:

  3. Replies
    1. Happy that u love it hehe~
      Thank you Dear <3

  4. Wow you're a talent, it looks just like Minnie Mouse! <3
    I know the Cubital Tunnel Syndrome, I'm pretty sure I'll get that somewhen in my life because my mother and grandmother both had it. >__< But their hands weren't numb, they had pain in the night :/ I hope you get well soon!

    1. Hehe Thanks Babe <3

      It's weird sometimes I have spiky pain when I touch cold water or my air conditioner in my room is too cold. Less sensation too which I drop things more often on the floor. :(

  5. This is so cute! Also love your camera ring.

  6. Ah, the cute nail art reminds me of Minnie Mouse!
    I hope I can try this tute when I have free time ^^

    Also, I hope your finger numbness can be healed soon!

    1. Thank you Babe, I hope I can recover too <3 <3

  7. great design! i love those colors, fits well and looks energetic :)

  8. aww this is so super cute! the red and white polka dots style reminds me of Minnie Mouse. too adorable! :D


  9. Oh no.. I'm so sorry to hear about the numbness.. that's horrible! Hopefully acupuncture or something can clear it up without surgery. :(

    Anyway, your nail art is so precise, I don't think I have a steady enough hand for this but I really like how it looks.

  10. Thank you so much for all of your lovely concerns <3

    Appreciated with lots of Love <3 <3

  11. They are so cute!! <3
    You're so talented!