LoveMore Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting Mask (sponsored by Secretive.sg)

I am going to share another mask review again~ LoveMore Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting Mask Sponsored by Secretive.sg!

This is a 360° Ultra Lifting and Firming 3D Mask, also my first LoveMore face mask~ I am really excited about the product because my first experience with LoveMore products was the "LoveMore New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All out Set", it's a remove blackheads & whiteheads set, very awesome product!~ <3

What's so great about the blackhead remover because it does not irritate my super sensitive skin~ ^^
The ambassador for LoveMore - Cyndi Wang (Popular Taiwan Singer/Actress).

Next unwrap the plastic~ =)

The top, side & bottom of the box, expire in 3 years time.

Back of the box, showing instructions, ingredients, etc.. :)

Open the front cover you can see very cute tips too~ <3

Now the Mask Piece of Kiss Japan Electric Ore, LoveMore Electric Ore Peptide Firming Duo Lifting Mask!~ 1 Piece/30ml.

The Back of the Mask Piece sheet~

Total 5 Pieces in the Box <3

The shape of the 3D Mask :)

Moist and the texture of the Mask is awesome too <3

I just rebond(straighten) my hair yesterday, was told not to tie my hair for 7 days, so my face was super oily with my hair coming down my face. The Mask was just right for me <3

I waited for 20mins~ =D

The hooks helps our face to lift up more and stay firmer. <3

Besides cropping my skin I did not do any effects to it~ My sensitive skin needs masks to maintain if not I cannot imagine how will it be like. >.<

Results shows that our skin absorbs essence so well and pores gets tighter and smaller~ Is good to do mask sheets 2-3 times a week to maintain our skin. ^^

3D masks does makes our skin feels firmer and some "Q Q bouncy on our skin" =X
Again I want to say the texture of the mask sheet is really good when you stretch and hook behind your ears, the mask will not torn~

Available at Watsons Outlets or Secretive.sg Online Store.

Thank you Secretive.sg again for sponsoring me ^^

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  1. I like how these masks have the hooks for the ears and chin! It seems convenient and firming too.
    I can definitely see the difference in your skin!

    1. It won't drop off when you move around hehe ^^

      Thanks Dear <3

  2. Wow! This is so cute~ : D I wan to try it too!

  3. your eyes look amazing! :) which brand are they from? xx.

    1. Thanks Babe <3

      The lens are from EOS brand~

      The Model of the lens is EOS G202 Green, and many names for the model Light Pop-C/Barbie King/Candy Magic~ ^^

  4. wow your skin looks so nice after the mask

    1. Thank you so much Babe :)

      If I stop using any mask my skin will go +_+~

  5. You have such beautiful skin!! And the mask looks so refreshing!! :D


    1. Thanks Dear =)

      If the weather turns hot my pores will be bigger and pimples popping ><

  6. its nice that your skin absorbed the essence so well and pores gets tighter and smaller. very cute packaging, too!

    nice review! :)

  7. Ahh if only I had seen this review a month ago, I would've asked my sister to buy some for me from Hong Kong :( Looks like a great mask so I will note that down on my shopping list!


    1. Oh >.< Maybe u can purchase online dear ^^

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  9. this product looks pretty good, and your skin is flawless!!

  10. The bow you're using to keep your bangs away is adorable! hehe You must be in mask heaven!

    1. Hehe... Yep Mask heaven <3 <3

      I think I bought the bow at

      Thanks Hun ^^

  11. Ooooooo I have yet to try a 3D mask! I'm still trying to finish up my My Beauty Diary ones! Thank yo for such a detailed review!! =D

    ♡ M.May