Sexylook HelloKitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask (sponsored by Secretive.sg)

Hello Babes~~ Today I am going to review the New Sexylook HelloKitty Strawberry Perfect Hydrating Mask Sponsored by Secretive.sg! =)
HelloKitty I can't resist, really cute :)

The mask piece was named as Hello Kitty Strawberry Perfect Glowing Silky Mask.

Back of the mask~ There are total 5 pieces of masks in the box, each with 25ml.

Expire in 3 years time.

Open it up :)

Taking out the masks~

Unfolding the masks~

You can see how moist the mask is, and the shape is pretty wide, thumbs up~ <3

Took off the plastic sheet side of the masks~

You can see through my fingers, shows that the masks is thin. =)

I only cropped out my skin photos didn't do any effects to it~~
My skin pores are actually quite huge~ And you can see my sensitive skin.  =(

The masks smells great, a light strawberry scent~ Important thing is that I feel good as I am sensitive to many kinds of flavor so I always stick to more natural flavors like Aloe, cucumber or green tea. This is actually my first strawberry flavor mask that does not irritate my skin. 

I feel my pores tighten after use and brighter glowing skin too.. The essence really keeps my skin hydrated, suits my skin very well, from now I am going to stick to this masks for long.

Right now you can purchase the new masks at Watsons outlets, 
or visit http://www.secretive.sg

Thank you so much for sponsoring me such a great mask <3

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  1. awwww hello kitty items its soo kawaii!
    And thanks for this photos!! i will buy one day! *-* i hopeee
    Pretty faceee!
    kiss and hug

  2. Haven't tried this variation, gotta look out for it. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Wow! o: That actually works pretty well. (I rarely see masks that actually have any effect...) Then again, you seem to have very nice skin already, too.

    And on a different note, you're hair looks so healthy & shiny. o:

    1. Thanks Hun, I got very sensitive skin and my skin reacts anytime if the weather is too hot >.<

      So I guess I need masks to maintain irritation going :(

      Sorry I was wearing a wig >.< I just straighten and cut my hair shorter today.. =X

  4. It looks good and the fact that it's Hello Kitty makes it even better! XD

    1. hehe... Yep mui mui babe <3

      Love hello kitty so much =X

  5. Wow it made such a difference! This seems great!
    I love the little picture of Hello Kitty on the back!

  6. haha! hello kitty made it so cute in the illustration for the instruction guide^_^~ Wow! it really made a difference on your skin! Love it!! thanks for sharing ^_^~

    1. Haha hello kitty instruction guide really cute =X

      You are so welcome Dear <3

  7. Wow! This is so cute! The effects seems nice too!

  8. oh looks like a nice mask you used! your skin looks perfect!!

    1. Thank you Dear =D

      I got very sensitive skin, reacts if weather too hot >_<

  9. I looove your nails! and the truth is, I just posted a tutorial on how to do this but I'm really embarassed now because you did it so much better :D anyway, thanks for the review. Just gotta love hello kitty products :3

    1. I read your tutorial dear~ Looks cute <3

      Thank you ^^

  10. The package is so pretty~!! I would have bought it without knowing what it was haha~! Just so cute <3

  11. I've been seeing a lot about this mask! I like your before and after photos though, really shows how well it works. I would definitely think about picking some up!